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October 29, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Grand Master Stan Martin

This class is historic because it is the first black belt class taught by Grand Master Martin, recently promoted to Grand Master by Senior Grand Master Sereff on September 10, 2016. He is ours and we are his.
First today was a Wyoming color belt test at the Wyoming National Guard Armory, the home of Wyoming Taekwon-Do and hosted by Mr. Tony Giese, our Wyoming State Director. About 25 students from around the state tested today. After the testing Mrs. Carol Giese passed out cup cakes to everyone, in honor of Mr. Giese's 54th birthday.
Grand Master Martin thanked all for support of the testing and mentioned that USTF Nationals would be in Colorado June 24-25, 2017.
Test Notes: There needs to be improvement on breaking , the instructors break well and we need to pass that on to our students. Getting the distance in mind, measure for the height, use the correct tool and practice much. Once you have made that first break you can believe in yourself, and then perfect the technique.
Step-sparring format needs work, particularly on previous levels.

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Testing Candidates
Miss Andrea Shultz called the test
Best-of-Test winners with thier instructors

Test Board and testing candidates

* Leg raises; left and right.
* Chon-Ji; group pattern
* L stance 1-2 punch
* Thrust exercise; right followed by left
* Hwa-Rang; group pattern

L stance 1-2 punch
Group Pattern - -Hwa-Rang

* Combination kicking; Outward vertical kick. The hips should be 90 degrees at the time the leg is cocked to kick, tool is the foot sword. Mr. Binks seemed to still be taking his test for 1st gup. Grand Master Martin mentioned he was 58 when he started Taekwon-Do and now was 61 at high red. We applauded him for his effort and accomplishment.
* Combination kicking; Inward vertical kick with the reverse foot sword.
* Combination kicking; Middle twisting kick with the ball of the foot.
“I love black belt class! All week long we train color belts now we get to do something.”  ~~Grand Master Martin.

Combination kicking . . .
Outward vertical kicks
Inward vertical kicks

* From L stance, Sweeping kick, high side back strike, back snap kick; sweep in the direction of the toes and close to the floor. With shoes on and in the street hit the ankle bone or the knee. When using the back heel to sweep, the calf can be a target.  For the back snap kick the heel and knee should be parallel to the ground at contact.

Sweeping kick using the sidesole
Sweep in the direction of the toes
Sweeping with the opposite leg using the heel, targeting the calf
On back snap kick, the heel travels in a straight line up/down, the knee points to the floor,
not at an angle.

* Reverse turning kick; I dan Andrea Shultz  demonstrating, bring the hip to the floating rib first and remains there through the kick, pivot on the ball of the foot, do not toe heel during the pivot.  V dan Amy Wilcox demonstrating.

Miss Shutlz
Mrs. Willcox
Reverse turning kick - pivot on the ball of the foot...keeping the hip to the floating rib throughout the kick.

* From sitting stance; outward strike with the knife hand
* From L stance reverse turning kick; keep hands in guarding block, kick is designed for target at 45 degree angle then retract on C-D line.
* When sparring use reverse turning kick and reverse hook kick.
* Grand Master Martin writes the word ‘SLOW’ in the air and says “Don’t ever throw that at me.” Speaking of slow reverse turning kick, you will be killed if you do that slow when sparring or on the street. Develop confidence, relax, have the body position to be ready to execute a technique. You need body rotation and hips for power. If done slow the opponent will be all over you. Use these kicks on light weight target so that after the kick you are not rear facing the target. You need to be able to go through the target and retract on that C-D line. If you are hitting a heavy target then roll the hip over slightly, bring the toes up some so you can recover from the kick and be half facing your opponent and not be bounced back to rear facing the opponent.  Work on this in your schools use a heavy bag and be careful not to hyper extend the knee which can cause injury. Same with reverse knife hand, take care of the elbow, tense the muscles to protect the joint.

A kick delivered too slowly can be blocked easily. . .pushing you to land with your back to the attacker
Reverse turning kick delivered quickly, strike on the downward part of the arc so you are slightly facing your opponent, retract and set down

* Combination kicking; Middle back piercing kick. There are two versions of this kick; one uses the heel sole and the other the foot sword. Know both ways how to execute this kick and the applications. One has the knee up and the foot sword is used, the other has the knee down and the heel sole is used. Spin or rotate within the body with the hands up in guarding position, retract quickly and regain balance.
* Power is mass x speed squared, work on acceleration!
* Think of the tool and angle for breaking.
* How do you get really good at a technique? Practice one thing at a time and perfect it. It takes hundreds of repetitions of doing something correct to perfect it. It takes 3 times the training on the ‘other’ side to perfect that. One movement at a time…repetition! 
* Red belts to the side and repeat Wha-Rang.
* Kwang-Gae; 39 movements, this pattern includes sliding and shifting. With few exceptions each technique turns or rotates at the end.
* I dans to the side and repeat
* Sam-Il;  Grand Master Martin said, “Higher ranks make my job easier, IV to VII dans are reminder tools.”
* Moon-Moo; now with all ranks in respective pattern, ready position Grand Master Martin says, “You ought to see you in my eyes. Thank you!”

Patterns - - 1st Gups and I Dans
III Dans
IV Dans and up

* Grand Master Martin thanked us all for coming, for traveling when necessary. He thanked Mr. Giese for hosting this event. Nationals are June 24-25, 2017. Get ready! 
* Grand Master Martin’s last words to us at this historic class were, “Wyoming is Wyoming. You guys are me.”

Grand Master Martin did patterns with us at the start of class. Then after class, with the Armory's fresh-painted logo: 300th Field Artillery

October 29, 2017 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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