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March 6, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

Wyoming black belt class is held at Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do. Wyoming black belts and red belts are welcome to and responsible to attend this class. We come together to learn about Taekwon-Do and train. We learn how to better pass on our beloved martial art.

*Leg raises to start
*1 – 2 punch, L stance
*Knees and hips, rotation one way then the other, sit and perform several stretches.
*Side front snap kick, reverse punch. Turn to half facing quickly to avoid exposing your body as a target. A punch is a punch.
*Step right into a low ready stance then drop the back knee close to the ground into a lunge and repeat several times. Spot turn with the rear leg. Sr. Master Martin described several kinds of stepping, to the side front, to the side rear, double step backward then turn.
*From walking stance, front snap kick, wedging block with the outer forearms, reverse low circular block with the inner forearm…Spot turn rising block with the outer forearm.
Sr. Master Martin has been teaching for more than 45 years and says that most things he does when teaching is some kind of a test. ***** We must concentrate and focus when all chaos is around us. *****
*Repeat Hwa-Rang
It is not Sr. Master Martin’s way to punish a student when a mistake is made. First understand the real demeanor of the student and try different methods. “A soft heart and a hard hand.” ~~Sr. Master Martin. Forever it has been mostly a soft heart. Motivate with kindness. He is teaching to make us the best instructors possible. As senior black belts it is necessary to chose words carefully; because of our rank, things said may be interpreted as policy. It is of great importance not to misuse this influence of power.
*Repeat Hwa-Rang by count. Students were quizzed on the names of the techniques and at what rank did they learn each one. We learn and should continually practice. This is necessary to continue to perfect our skills. Learn, train, and study, we are still developing. Listen carefully to your instructor. Do not condemn Sr. instructors if they forget. I’m telling you there is so much going on it becomes difficult to get just the right thing out.
*Consecutive kicking> side front snap kick-hook kick, L stance outward strike with the knife hand, spring style reverse punch.
*L stance reverse punch, back piercing kick, side strike with a knife hand
*Side turning kick, middle reverse turning kick to the angles > AD and BD
*Front leg kicking, side piercing kick, step side piercing kick. Load !!! the kick. It’s not just lifting the leg and hip up, it is continuing that lift to the point that when you relax to fire the kick, the muscles spring out. Now get your attention on, and strength from, your center to accelerate the kick. That is “load the kick.”
*Kwang-Gae, we need to get our breathing together as a group. Again. Better.
*Inward vertical kick, step outward vertical kick
*Inward vertical kick, crescent kick
*Consecutive kicking > back snap kick, downward kick, 1-2 punch.
*In the theory of power, equilibrium is believed to be the most important factor, then breath control. All six together is desired.
*Back piercing kick, mid air front snap kick with the back leg. Jumping is a technique all its own. When landing you should absorb the shock by landing on your toes and utilize knees as shock absorbers as you maintain good posture with the upper body. Mid-air means jump straight up off both feet without the momentum from a step.
*Step side rising kick, used to block the underside of a punch or kick and deflect upward.
*Stepping choices are many, one guide line is, for step side piercing kick do not step in front, rather step foot to foot or to the side rear setting up body position for the kick, Pivot the kicking foot when you step so your feet don’t cross and they are in a natural position with your body The length of the step is to close the distance to your target.
Step turning kick would be executed with a step to the side or the side front. The length of the step is determined by the distance needed to reach your target.
*Group patterns by count > Tong-Il, So San, Moon Moo, Eui-Am, Kwang-Gae. Sr. Master Martin said “If only you could see you in my eyes.”  He meant that in a good way.
*Group patterns > Tong-Il, So-San, Moon-Moo, Sam-Il, Eui-Am, Po-Eun.

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V Dans ------ So San
Crititque and learn!

*Many were fortunate to have attended the last seminar ever taught by the founder of Taekwon-Do. It was April 2002; General Choi Hong Hi died two months later in June of that year.
Students, let it be known that Instructors work harder for you and your success than you realize. General Choi gave up a great deal of his life for the world wide promotion of Taekwon-do. Pause and realize what instructors do for you. Scheduling, getting the school ready, class ready, teaching many different ranks, planning and organizing of events are some examples. Our Instructor gives up a lot to make sure we have a wonderful place to train.
Sr. Grand Master Sereff will be teaching his last class April 16, 2016.
Our effort and perception affect our training. Sr. Grand Master is worried that we will think poorly of him if he gets things out of order. Well we are there because we remember how he performed and taught when he was at his greatest. We will do whatever you ask! We love Sr. Grand Master Sereff and Taekwon-Do. He will teach with the help of his senior students. What a great and historic class this will be!
While you are young, show up and train hard, take advantage of your youth and make the most of it.
Sr. Master Martin exclaimed “I truly love this! I do!” Taekwon-Do has been some of the most joyous times in life and has brought great disappointment at other times. These are moments that truly shape your life.
There will be a plaque for Sr. Grand Master Sereff with some reference to around 12,000 black belts promoted.
Look in the mirror and see what we are doing here as we practice, teach, and pass on Taekwon-Do and its spirit. It is very good.
Several Wyoming schools have web sites and those sites go to the whole world.
The Flash has three articles in it this month that have to do with Wyoming. Sr. Master Martin is a stringer for the Flash and has written and submitted those articles and gives Wyoming recognition in the USTF around the Country. Thank you sir for your tireless efforts in the promotion and growth of Taekwon-Do in Wyoming.

Sr. Master Martin is slated to be promoted to IX dan Grand Master September 10, 2016.

April 2, 2016 >Demo at UW Taekwon-Do, Laramie, WY.
April 16, 2016 >Sr. GMS last class, Broomfield, CO
April , 2016 >Wyoming color belt / black belt test, Rock Springs, WY.
May 1, 2016 >Black belt class, Martin’s Casper Taekwon-Do, Casper, WY.
May 21, 2016 >Axe Taekwon-Do tournament, Belleview, NE
July 30, 2016 >Wyoming color belt / black belt test, Sheridan, WY
September 10, 2016 >Sr. Master Martin promoted to IX dan
September 17, 2016 >Wyoming Invitational tournament, Casper, WY

March 6, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class
From Sr. Master Martin, “Thank you for coming and training.”
Black belt class review >Interpreted, embellished and written by Master Robin Johnson.
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