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June 5, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Senior Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

We started right away with leg raise warm-ups one side then step forward and the other.
* from L stance > 1-2 punch
* from L stance > combination kicking, side front snap kick, side front snap kick, 1-2 punch
Warm ups continued with joint rotation of the knee, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder.
* from L stance > step side piercing kick, outward strike with the knife-hand
* from L stance > step outward downward kick, 1-2 punch
* from L stance > back piercing kick, sliding reverse punch.
* from sitting stance > squat; stretching inner thighs, hips, low back. Working shoulders, feet, pecks, wrists, and probably something else too. Bring one leg in and sit with foot alongside knee or inner thigh.  Stretching, twist the upper body at the waist then lean over the bent knee, lean forward between the bent knee and the extended leg, and over the extended leg. Keep the hips on the floor and try to touch the chest to the leg and floor.
*from L stance > inward vertical kick, step outward vertical kick
* from L stance > combination kicking, forward stepping stamping kick, back snap kick. On the back snap kick the target is directly to “C” and not across  the C-D line to the opposite butt cheek.
* from L stance > back snap kick. Hold your palm (fingers out of the way please) behind you as a target. Hit the hand hard with the back heel!  In application only touching will just anger scrotum boy.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.    
Warm-up downward kicks.
More warm-up kicking
Stamping kick.
Here's a drill to perfect the back snap kick.
Hold the arc-hand as a target - directly to 'C', not off to the side!

* from L stance > turning hook kick, outward strike with the back fist
* 4-direction thrust > right then left
* from L stance > outward vertical kick, reverse turning kick, reverse hook kick. Use skaters turn, keep limbs in close to the body and blank out the blur as you turn your head and eyes quickly to focus on the target.
* from L stance > combination kicking, reverse hook kick, reverse hook kick
* from L stance > combination kicking, low twist kick, middle twist kick. For the low twist kick the standing foot is straight forward. A mistake most people make on middle twist kick is their leg is too long, extended that is. The knee should remain somewhat bent; the target is only middle range.
* from L stance > turning kick, reverse turning kick

Reverse hook kick
Use skater's turn, focus on target
Combination reverse hook kicks

* Pattern Hwa-Rang
* from walking stance > Pressing block with the X-fist, pulling the front foot to L stance, checking block with the knife hands. Cross at the wrists. The back hand is on top and / or closest to the body. That is; when in a left walking stance the right hand is on top. When you pull the front leg to right L stance the right hand, the back hand, is closest to the body.
This example of, “which hand is on top?” was established by Sr. Grand Master Sereff so we could be uniform throughout the USTF. We are taught about the way this technique and others are performed but this is not policy. It is not for us to establish policy. Sr. Master Martin is clear when he tells us to be careful when we teach in our classes that we don’t say things that might be mistaken to change or establish policy. When asked a question don’t give a bull shit answer, find the answer. We must keep our martial art pure as the General wanted.
* from L stance > skip hook kick, then the left leg.
* from sitting stance > outward pressing kick, set into sitting stance outward strike with the knife hand.
* from sitting stance > inward pressing kick, sitting ready stance. To the right and to the left.

Pattern Hwa-Rang
Pressing block with X-fist, X-checking block with X-knife hands
Inward pressing kick

* from L stance > front leg checking kick. Used to stop an object that is in motion. The heel sole is the tool, the knee comes up and the foot thrusts forward, keep the knee bent at contact.
* from L stance > side checking kick

Front checking kick, to stop oncoming object
The knee stays bent on contact
Side checking kick, knee stays bent

* water break
* (3) Red belts > Choong-Moo, Hwa-Rang. Repeat the pattern by count with instruction from a senior black belt assigned to each red belt as well as Sr. Master Martin.
* (8) I dans > Gae-Baek
* (1) II dan > Choong-Jang            
* (2) III dans > Choi-Yong
* (3) IV dans > Moon-Moo
* (3) V dans > So-San
* (4) VI-VIII > Tong-Il
* form 2 lines facing your partner > 1-Step sparring per rank level, no take downs.
* form 2 lines facing the mirrors > Po-Eun with Sr. Master Martin practicing this group pattern for Sr. Grand Master Sereff.

Red Belt patterns. . .
. . . with coaches
I Dans, Gae-Baek
II Dan, Choong-Jang
III Dans, Choi-Yong
IV Dans, Moon-Moo
V Dans, So-San
VI, VII, VIII Dans,Tong-Il

* State Director’s report > Mr. Tony Giese VI dan.
July 30, 2016 > Wyoming black belt and color belt testing. Hosted by Sheridan Taekwon-Do Outdoor testing @ the Big Horn Equestrian Center
August 13, 2016 > USTF ground fighting course Instructor: Sr. Master Frank Hannon
* Senior Grand Master Sereff has come to greet us! He did not want a chair to sit on as he talked to us. He said Casper is nice He and Kim like coming here. One of their top 4 favorite places to go. “The last class” Sr. Grand Master taught in April was very emotional both high and low. Grand Master Winegar realized that that was the last time he might ever give commands to bow in Sr. Grand Master Sereff for class.  Sr. Grand Master apologized for not arriving sooner. He said due to the Marine Corps and traveling with the General He had never been late in his life. Now he is always late but he goes where he wants to go and “I wanna go here.” Casper was the first out of Denver school started by Sr. Grand Master, and has been 47 years with Sr. Master Martin. We in turn are here because of Sr. Master Martin, (his commitment and genuine heart inspires us.) Sr. Grand Master said, The Marines taught me to snap to for officers, they had earned that respect. He said, I thought I hated discipline. But for the General, they had a Taekwon-Do mission. We are still on that mission, He realized and learned discipline was necessary and good and we must learn everything, and it’s not easy. We in Wyoming are part of this mission. Sr. Grand Master stated what more of a Legacy can I want?
Mrs. Kim Sereff was present after running a half marathon earlier in the morning. She had done a personal best. She holds a III degree black belt in Taekwon-Do and understands the tenets and etiquette of Taekwon-Do. Mrs. Sereff spoke about using the tenets every time she ran a race. She said something always hurts and about mile 18 you really have to find something extra and the tenets helped with that.
Sr. Grand Master said as for exercise; 40 or 45 knuckle pushups just to get up some days.  We must pass Taekwon-Do on in the purest form of what the General has taught us. Coming to black belt class is a connection to General Choi’s Taekwon-do through Sr. Master Martin.
The General’s legacy lives on through Sr. Grand Master Sereff.  When the General died other ITF organizations were formed, the Uniform changed, some techniques made easier, and others harder. Sr Grand Master Sereff says, “Don’t mess with the General’s technique.” He says we all have our own ideas but keep it the General’s way.
“This is what I want!
If you remember me the way I remembered the General I will have a smile where ever I am."
Certificates were handed out through Sr. Grand Master for the Ho-Sin-Sul course taught in Utah by Mr. Tony Giese, VI dan. It had been reported to H.Q. and Sr. Grand Master that it was an excellent course.

Senior Grand Master Sereff spoke to the class, and presented certificates to Mr. Giese, Mr. Binks, Miss Schultz. . . ..
. . . and Miss Schultz.
Sr. Master Martin's Black Belt Class demonstrated Po-Eun for Senior Grand Master Sereff.
There's a story behind this!

Thank you Sr. Master Martin for an excellent class.
Written by Master Robin Johnson VII dan
Photos and layout by Ms Dee Dee Connell V dan

June 5, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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