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December 4, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do

Instructor: Grand Master Martin

Maritn's Taekwon-Do school is notable clean as always and decorated for Christmas.

* From L stance > 1-2 punch. 1 punch is reverse punch, 2 punch is executed to the same target by turning the hips to full facing while lifting the back heel.
* Jump to X stance, side strike with the back fist; slip the back leg to C to form a walking stance, high reverse punch.             
* From L stance > combination kicking, side front snap kicks, guarding block with the outer forearm.
* From L stance > combination kicking, front  leg side front snap kick, back piercing kick,  guarding block with the outer forearm..
* Streching > Sitting stance and squat, push ;out on the inner thighs, slide one side out to side splits, rock back onto the heels, press out, relax the body arms and shoulders. Knuckle push ups. Heel toe in to squat position,  then to parallel stance with hands still on the ground, roll up one vertebra.
* From L stance > Middle inward vertical kick, outward strike with the knife hand, pivot 180 degrees rearward on the back foot outward strike with the knife hand.
* From L stance > stepping to L stance reverse punch, 180 degree reverse pivot side strike with the back fist.
* Pivoting > L stance reverse punch. All punches are delivered the same.

* 4 direction thrust. Bring the trailing foot with when sliding to maintain proper length of stance. Look in the direction of the thrust. Tool is the side elbow.

All decorated for Christmas
L-stance punches
4-direction thrust...Don't let the trailing foot lag.

* From L stance > Hook kick. Recover balance at the intermediate  position before the kick so you don't throw yourself out of balance, then recover balance again after the kick, set down in walking stance low block with the outer forearm, pulling the front foot to L stance guarding block with the outer forearm.
* Spot turn with the rear foot. “Nice”

Hook kick
Low block with the forearm

* Stepping to walking stance > high wedging block with the outer forearm, Step to walking stance thrust with the straight fingertip, step to walking stance circular block with the inner forearm. Reference the block with the front foot, body down with first contact executing circular block, then up and down to finish with sine wave. Turn and repeat. Then by count, step to walking stance high wedging block with the outer forearm. Knuckles at eye level for high technique. Preparing to block the hand that is on the same side as the foot that steps crosses in front. Step to walking stance thrust with the straight fingertip.

High wedging block
Straight fintertip thrust
Demonstration of circular block

* From walking stance > One row at a time, Spot turn, middle obverse punch. When punching do not pull hip way back to ½ facing, don't stop the motion once the movement begins. There should be a continuous forward movement. Also in L stance the hand begins with a backward motion but the body continues with a forward motion. L stance reverse punch is the same. As he watches the class SaSung Martin sees too much body movement that goes backward with the hand.

Avoid coming to half facing as you deliver a punch.
Begin with forward motion, then keep moving forward with the punch.

* Hwa-Rang > 1)Pushing block with the palm, the hand remains closed to begin and opens just before contact. 7)Vertical stance downward strike with the knife hand, is executed in a circular motion. 11)Pull the left foot toward the right...the body moves toward the hands, the right hand remains at the same place in space. 15) move the left foot to E, turning counter clockwise...pivot on the front foot with balance recovery. 18, 19) hands up and closed while kicking. 27) Side front block while extending the other to the side downward both hands are in a vertical line. Sa-Sung Martin noted that punches were way better.

Move 11, keep the right hand steady in space - move your body up to it, don't bring the hand backward.

* Downward kick > One of the hardest techniques to block, a good  tournament point getter, also good for self-defense.  A pick shape kick is used for catching up to someone. Use the front leg when is close and in combination with the hands. Work on techniques that feel  uncomfortable then you will have another tool if you get an injury. Use class time to practice these things and use them when sparring.
* From L stance > stepping outward downward kick. Picture the defensive hand in the way of the kicking leg as it begins, the leg comes up slightly bent and lifting the hip to the lower rib. Use your opponents own hand to camouflage your technique.
* From L stance > Inward downward kick step hook kick.

Downward kick - use it sparring!
Practicing down the floor . . .
Disguise it using opponent"s guard

* Tong-Il * So-San * Moon-Moo
These ranks performed their patterns as a group.

Tong-Il in front,
So-San in the middle, and in the back the 4th Dans performing Moon-Moo

* Sam-Il * Eui-Am * Kwang-Gae

Sam-Il in front,
Eui-Am in the middle, and in the back the 1st Dans performing Kwang-Gae

We get together to solidify our organization. We come to black belt class as qualified red and black belts to unify the seniors.

* Choong-Moo * Hwa-Rang

High Red and Red Belts - - Choong-Moo in front, and Hwa-Rang behind..

Remember the pattern diagram to understand the space it takes to perform the patterns. Know the directions as described in the patterns book so someday you will be teaching.

Form two lines one facing the other

* 3 step sparring > Right foot returns. Possible to attack in L stance or walking stance, however most teach attacking in walking stance only to keep it less complicated.

* 2 step sparring > to return defender steps rearward and attacker steps forward.

* Model sparring > slow first followed by fast is the latest update.

Step sparring...3-step, then 2-step, checking on format in the USTF Step-Sparring Handbook

Grand Master Martin with Master Johnson, demonstrating formats for different levels of step-sparring.

Back to practicing step-sparring
Demonstration of beginning semi-free sparring.

Mr. McDill and Mr. Binks...advanced semi-free sparring
Mr. McDill and Mr. Connell...model sparring

The blue USTF patterns handbook is the most accurate account of pattern information available. It is an accumulative effort of updates and corrected mistakes.

We have a path to follow based on these black belt classes and seminars that is in place when instructors are gone.

January 21, 2017 > Wyoming color belt test to be held in Casper.

February 4-5, 2017 > International tournament in Ireland. Grand Master Martin and Master Johnson attending.

May 20-21, 2017 > Black belt test and seminar in Australia. Grand Master Martin presiding and instructing, Mr Giese and Mrs Wilcox attending.

May 27-28 > Australian black belt camp.

It is necessary for all Wyoming red and black belts to come to black belt class. It is our opportunity to train at this level and with a Grand Master teaching!

Notes and review by Master Robin Johnson, pictures and format by Ms. DeeDee Connell

December 4, 2016 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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