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June 7, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

Black Belt Class June 7, 2015
Senior Master Martin started by letting us know that today will be a little different kind of class than usual.  It will be prep for Nationals.  He brought wooden boards to break, and also he brought his computer down to the gym so that it would be available for those people going to Nationals, to register today.  That includes competitors, referees and coaches.  The consensus among the seniors is that since they are allowing coaches we should take advantage of that.  If someone is a coach, that is probably all they will be allowed to do, but if you are competing, you may also referee.  It is important to contribute and help at the tournament, and it’s a great opportunity to get international referee experience.  So if you’re competing you need to referee as well.  It’s what we do.  Another note – we will all send in our club affiliation as Wyoming Taekwon-Do rather than as individual clubs.  Wyoming is in this together!
How many coaches?
Who is going to Boston – who will coach, referee and / or compete?  Sr. Master Martin has a list that he would like everyone to sign, including what they registered for.
He has information from the Wyoming State Games that he would like to send in to the Flash but wants to make sure it’s complete.
Black Belt Class is cancelled for July.  Please everyone plan on attending the Wyoming Color Belt test in Sheridan on the 11th.  It will be an outdoor testing at the Big Horn Equestrian Center.  Following the testing there is a BBQ fundraiser ($5.00 per plate lunch) to help those going to Nationals.  Bring friends and family – the more the merrier!  There is a lot going on in Sheridan over the weekend so it’s a good time to spend the day or the weekend.  Polo Saturday next door to the Equestrian Center at the Flying H Polo Club, Rodeo Saturday night, including the Indian Relay Races, and live bands on Main Street downtown for the street dance.  Then on Sunday, there is more polo at the Eq. Center.  All the polo is free admission.

Our fund-raisers so far have been very successful – thanks to Mr. Giese for the Combatives Course, and to those who put on the auction and those who purchased those items.  There is a raffle still on-going.

Mr. Giese conducted warm-ups while Sr. Master Martin, Mrs. Willcox and Mrs. Rosenof were setting up the computer.  Master Johnson and Mr. Sisco reviewed the Wyoming State Games information.
Warm-ups: Punches from open parallel stance, then from sitting stance. Pivot in the sitting stance to face A, then step-rising kicks both ways.  Then step-rising / side piercing, set down, back kick. Both ways.
Then seated stretches.
Click on any picture to see a larger image.  
Mr. Giese led us off with warm-ups and light stretches.

Senior Master Martin began the training, starting us out with

  • Consecutive kicking – Side front snap kick / side piercing kick.  Start FAST!
  • High side back strike / double back kick / twin block.
  • Stepping middle outward vertical kick / one-two punch.
  • Back leg kicking, mid-air front kick / step hooking kick.
  • Combination inward downward kick / high kick.
  • Lead leg kicking, side piercing. This is to keep an opponent off of you. It was a rapid fire drill

4 Direction Thrust Exercise, right then left.  Look the direction you’re going.  Slide about a half stance, both feet off the ground.  Be sure to thrust with the side elbow, (back of the elbow in a half-facing stance) in the direction of the target.
Stay together!

Consecutive side front / side piercing kicks.
Mr. McDill demonstrated mid-air front kick.

Inward vertical kick.
Lead leg side piercing kick.
4-Direction Thrust Exercise.

* Patterns.
Senior Master Martin divided the seniors into two groups, to either end of the gym, and everyone else against the wall.  The seniors are the judging panels for patterns competition, everyone else will take turns competing, with most of the seniors rotating in to compete also. Judges – please let the competitors know what you see; this is a learning exercise!
* Breaking.
Start with plastic, then go to real wood.  Please be careful about what breaks you put up – don’t break your hands or feet!  Use pads.  Master Johnson and Mr. Sisco will run the breaking.
* Step Sparring.
Everyone else will work on step-sparring.  Take turns going to the breaking station.
Anyone wishing to order Wyoming warm up suit should contact Mrs. Rosenof  right away.

* Patterns -

The senior Black Belts formed two judging panels, then the other students competed in one ring or the other.

When everyone had done a pattern or two, the juniors took turns on the judging panels, and the seniors competed their patterns.

Even Senior Master Martin got in on the patterns. He noted that it's important for the senior Black Belts to put themselves in that position now and then, so they will remember and experience some of the nerves that our competitors deal with.

* Step Sparring and Breaking -

The class split into pairs for step-sparring, and took turns at the breaking machine.

The senior Black Belts were giving pointers.

For those who are testing later this year, there was time to work on self-defense routines.

June 7, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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