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December 6, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Senior Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

Black Belt Class December 6, 2015

* Leg raises to begin, 10x2
* Jumping jacks, 10x4
* Front snap kicks in place, start easy, then increase speed and power
* Static stretches for hips, legs, back, chest, side and spine.

Sparring techniques
* Step outward downward kick. Step to close the gap, then disguise the lift using opponent's front hand, and execute the kick.
As the opponent retreates from the step outward downward kick, follow with inward downward kick, rear leg.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Working on outward downward / inward downward kicks.

*Lead leg hook kick in place. Then as opponent steps back, execute rear leg hook kick. Keep the kicking leg loose to begin, leg comes up slightly bent. Extend the leg at about 45 degrees and pop the hip to pull the kick through the target. If you tense the quad when lifting, you slow down... relaxed muscles make fast hands and feet. We all can do this!
Keep arms and legs loose. Then tense/focus on contact.
Senior Master Martin said "Nice job, now you understand."

Lead leg hook kick.
Work on speed - relax until the moment of impact.
Use the second kick as opponent steps back.
Kick is delivered in a slight arc, should be just starting down as it hits.
Mrs. Willcox demonstrated hook kick.

Be aware of surroundings in emergency situations. Flashy techniques do not always work in a close environment such as a restaurant or bar.
Who has trained in a motel room? Nearly all the adults raised their hand. Motel room training, we've been there!

*Reverse hook kicks
*Pressing kick, used to break opponent's upper leg (femur).

Load the kick so that it travels in an arc, then straight to the target. Tool is the footsword.
Be sure the leg is fully extended.
*Senior Master Martin demonstrated kicking with the knee, no contact. "Notice how the threat of the force moves the opponent/target without even touching it."
Knee strike to the groin . . .
to the outside of opponent's knee . . .
or to the front of the knee.
*Pracitce back snap kick with your hand extended downward behind the hip. Use the hand as a target to hit. After practicing several times, the power increased noticeably.
Back snap kick comes from the hips and is a powerful kick.
Hold the arc-hand as a target - directly behind you, not out to the side!
*High side turning kick, in place kicking.
High side turning kicks.
Jump change, practice both sides.
New patterns by count, then another round by count.
6th & 7th dans, Tong-Il
5th dans, So-San
2nd dans, Eui-Am
1st dans, Kwang-Gae
4th dans, Yon-Gae
Mr Giese, Master Johnson, Tong-Il
4th dans, Yon-Gae.

Mat Chat -
Maintenance fees are coming due in February. Instructors, put together your lists and email to Mr. Sisco. Please do not send in your new memberships with maintenance fees.

Come to Black Belt Class! Learn and teach technique. Seniors will be used to teach. High ranking Black Belts should never think they know as much as, or think they are equal to their instructor or Senior Grand Master Sereff.

New Year's party at Senior Master Martin's will be January 6, 5:30-8:00. Bring a covered dish...more on that at a later date.

January 23 - most likely date for Wyoming Color Belt test.

February 20 - Referee Course. Sign up by the middle of December.

March - Ho Sin Sul Course by Master Hannon; Maestas Team Tournament.

Reports from Head Instructors. Senior Master Martin told us that teaching advanced class like our BB Class is easy; teaching new students who are a challenge to teach are what develops us as instructors. When classes are small, or only one student, instructor still teaches. It makes for very valuable one-on-one training! .

Senior Master Martin presented Black Belt Certificates from the October 31 testing, and explained about the order of Black Belt numbers. Those within each rank are assigned their numbers by age, eldest first. So no disrespect to anyone - when we line up in class it will be according to the newly assigned numbers.
KEEP TRAINING! Senior Master Martin said Taekwon-Do training has changed - SAVED my life, with regard to family and health.
VI Dan
V Dans
III Dans
I Dans

Newly promoted Black Belts with Senior Master Martin, Master Johnson, and Mr. Sisco.
We got the best news in 3 years - Senior Master Martin has a clean bill of health!

December 6, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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