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August 2, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

Black Belt Class August 2, 2015
Senior Master Martin started with a little talk about the National/International Tournament in Boston last weekend. He was pleased with the turnout - and the results - from Wyoming. One gains so much by traveling and working or competing at events like this; beyond that, there is a leadership factor. If we as leaders are enthusiastic about 'going and doing', our students will pick up on that, and everyone is better for it. After a big tournament, one can take a little time to rest and recoup, to consider and learn from the experience, then get right back to training, and keep improving.

We have a big Black Belt Test coming up on October 31 - the packets will be passed out today. Rather than combining the color belts with the BB Test, we will schedule the color belts for another day, probably the 24th.

* Warm-ups.
We have been working on cadence in our patterns for a couple of years now; Senior Master Martin asked us how we thought it worked for us at Nationals? It worked well - we had very good patterns results for Wyoming competitors.
Congratulations to Miss Skyles on double gold, and Grand Champion for junior color belts! There were some questions about how they resolved Grand Champion ties where there were multiple double gold medal winners. It was never explained at Nationals.
* Front snap kicks. Starting with low, then middle. Then double kicks, fast & hard.
* Lead leg, block at the knee, kick to the belt - outward pressing kick, side kick - make every kick strong enough to break two boards!
* Lead leg hook kick. Don't lean too far, keep your hands up.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Lead leg hook kicks.

* 4-Direction Thrust Exercise.
* Beginning 3-Step Sparring, using foot techniques.
* Won-Hyo.
Very good ... it wan't that long ago we were not together. That sounded like one person, and the cadence was fine. Good job!
* L-stance - Back kick, step hook kick, set down twin block.

Back kick, step hook kick, twin block..

* Double hook kick / side turning kick.
* SLOW reverse turning kick, through AD, then on to D and set down. Work on NOT stopping the hip by using a twist of the upper body backwards, but bringing the kick through, controlling the entire body. That's for patterns. For breaking, the kick needs to be fast, coming all the way through. In sparring this kick can be hard to control. SEE your target!
* Reverse hook kick - this is a bent-leg or bent-knee kick. You should hear the pant leg snap at the point of contact. The hip throws it that way, not just the leg.

Reverse hook kick. Use the hip, not just the leg, or the kick will lack power.

* Inward pressing kick. This is a good kick to use in sparring - your opponent will not be expecting it. Be sure it comes in above the belt. Also good in a street fight - will break the knee. Use it in step-sparring!

Inward pressing kick - use a good load, turn the foot to expose the proper tool.
Can strike the knee, leg, or above the belt.

Hwa-Rang. Everyone stayed together well. As a group we can pull strength from each other or confuse each other.

I Dans and below - Choong-Moo. Togetherness went south. Try again. LISTEN to each other. Second time was much better.

First time through,
togetherness wandered away.
The second time through was much better!

Upper Dans, same pattern Choong-Moo. It looked good, everyone breathing together, it sounded good too. Senior Master Martin said "To stay together, we had to modify a bit, yes? That can be hard on the technique!"

* Testing Patterns by count. Name each technique - know the names of all your techniques!

Patterns by rank:

I Dans - - - Gae Baek
1st Gups - - - Choong Moo

II Dans - - - Choong Jang . . .
. . . . and Eu Am

Mr. Ostrander - - - Sam Il
V Dans - - - So San
IV Dans - Yon Gae and Moon Moo - no photos.
VI and VIII Dans - - - Tong Il

Senior Master Martin spoke eloquently of his commitment to Taekwon-Do, to Black Belt training, noting that we lose students at every rank, even the upper Black Belt ranks.. That causes much hearbreak but he looks at it that he had them for a little while, so that's better than not at all.
He spoke of his Black Belts, of instructors as a group, of his instructor. This organization is full of good people; as with any group there are a few bad apples. Avoid them. The most important thing is the legacy the General left us. Keep our art original and authentic.

We broke into ranks to work on testing techniques, patterns, step-sparring, ho-sin-sul.

After we lined back up to close class, Senior Master Martin presented his special coins to those Black Belts who had not already received them.
He spoke of the injuries that had happened at Nationals, and that some of the officials had been asked to provide details of what they had seen in their rings. We are a light-contact system. All Referees, A's, B's, and C's need to review the relevant pages in the Referee Manual. A knock-out is an automatic disqualification. There are certain tournament requirements - these are not new: Medical releases from each competitor, and a licensed EMT / Medic for the duration of the tournament.
We like to fight, and we like to fight hard. When someone gets hurt there is often a knee-jerk reaction to blame someone. We are a contact sport. It is our responsibility to keep our fighters safe.

Senior Master Martin spoke of the importance of training. He encourages us, and we need to encourage our students, to make the sacrifices necessary for continued training. It's so important to attend class. THIS class is important. He would rather see you give up a weekly class if you must, to make it to Black Belt class.

August 2, 2015 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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