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November 2, 2014 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin, USTF-8-8

In attendance were students, assistant instructors, instructors, master instructor all taught by Sr Master Martin are lined up for the November black belt class, 24 all together. We bowed in…and it began.
~L stance, 1-2 punch
~L stance, Outward strike with the Knife hand, backward spinning high side strike with the back fist, double side piercing kick with the front leg
~L stance, Reverse punch, back piercing kick, twin block with the outer forearms
~L stance, Side turning kick, guarding block with the outer forearm
~Walking stance, Thrust with the straight finger tip, high kick, middle wedging block with the outer forearms

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Outward knifehand strike.
Side piercing kick.
Prep for thrust with straight fingertip - keep hands in front of you.

~Spot turn with back foot, Low block with the outer forearm
~Walking stance, Reverse punch, obverse punch, maintain stance, creating sine wave with knee spring
~Spot turn, Rising block with the outer forearm
~L stance, Step - outward vertical kick, guarding block
~L stance, Inward vertical kick, 1-2 punch. Be sure to hit the target at 90 degree angle. Tool is reverse foot sword.

Sraight fingertip thrust, high kick
Outward vertical kick, be sure the kick contacts the target at a 90 degree angle, using the footsword.

~Right L stance, 4 direction consecutive kicking. Side front snap kick to D, to A, to C, to B, step back, then counter clockwise. (Eight kicks total). Be light on the supporting foot as you rotate directions. Kicks have sine wave; use it to rotate and kick, down and be looking toward your next target. At the top of the up motion you are light on your foot so rotate on the ball of the foot at this point, then execute the kick as your heel grounds. Maintain the lift through each kick and perform in a fluid motion. Keep the supporting leg slightly bent at the moment of the kick and the chest over the abdomen to keep weight forward for mass and to maintain balance. Stay relaxed, upright and balanced to have mobility for multiple targets.
~L stance Side turning kick to D, to B, to C, to A, to D, then clockwise
~L stance Back piercing kick clockwise, then counter clockwise

Maintain lift throughout the series of kicks.
Control your arms - avoid flailing like this...
control your body throughout.
Pivot with the lift, heel down at contact.

~Close ready stance C   4 direction thrust
~Close ready stance C  Hwa-Rang.  Move 12, pulling the hands in the opposite direction (according to this authors notes would be pulling to the opposite hip with side fist on underfist)

Group Pattern --- Hwa-Rang

~L stance Reverse turning kick to D. Keep kicking leg straight through the entire kick, thinking of foot position throughout
We as Instructors should cultivate the students to be the best martial artists they can be.

Miss Andrea Schultz demonstrates a lovely reverse turning kick - both sides.

Instructors of age do not give in easily to life’s cycle.
Students must work hard to “get” to where today’s instructors are.    
Sr. Master Martin credited Mr. Giese for this advice “leaders don’t lead from behind, they lead from the front.” Then told us of Sr. Grand Master Sereff that even though he has had troubled heart health he has always returned to training as soon as possible. Sr. Grand Master continues to teach as well.
~L stance Step sliding side turning kick
~L stance Back leg sliding side turning kick
~L stance Sliding back piercing kick. Hands eyes feet breath are to be coordinated into 1 fluid motion.
~Parallel ready stance Choong-Moo, red belts close ready stance Hwa-Rang
  Listen to people’s breath to match speed and cadence. Through the breath each participant gains power from the group. The coordination of the breath is a huge team builder and helps teach the cadence to those who don’t know.
~Repeat the same pattern, breathe and listen to the breath…Better!

Group Pattern --- Choong-Moo, use the breath to stay together, gain power as a group.

~V, VI, VII  dans were asked to step out of line and observe
~Parallel ready stance Chon-Ji,
~Close ready stance C Hwa-Rang
~Parallel ready stance Choong-Moo
~Sr. Master Martin is interested in long training bags for versatility. We should be hitting the bag!  When we step or slide we should be aligning our body correctly for breaking. The hip should align with the center of the target. He showed us how rotating the fist by 15 degrees strengthened the wrist and allowed for excellent use of the forefist tool.

Line up the hip with the center of the bag.
Rather than punching with the fist horizontal or vertical . . .
set it at a slight angle.

Acceleration comes from being loose. Focus on contact with the bag. Work with the side abdominal muscles coordinating with the turning of the hips in the direction of the target. When training always think of the tool and the vital area. Don’t try to hit hard…hit fast!
We spent a good deal of time punching the bag. The difference of hitting correctly or not could be clearly felt by the person holding the bag. When a hit was good it felt easy but the holder could feel the power travel right through the bag. There is a completely different feel for both holder and hitter when the bag was slugged

Rather than slugging the bag . . .
strike quicky, with speed and focus, your fist will come off the bag quickly . . .
transferring the power through the bag.

You must hit in a straight line and the rotation must be controlled in a straight line as well. The punch needs to have speed, then intent at the point of focus. Not just swinging or punching. Your mind must be involved in the technique. Now everyone go back and work on the mechanics of breaking. Be aware of speed, relax, repeat…There should be no abrasions on the knuckles, straight line towards contact and retract on the same line.

Punch straight into the bag
If you're off center, or punching at an angle across the bag, you'll lose power . . .
your punch will slide on the bag - and you will skin your knuckles.

This class plants the seed in the student then the student cultivates the seed with training. Reread the last sentence, repeat, use your mind to will the seed to grow and nourish the growth. Do not be afraid of slow progress.

Certificates were handed out for the recent Ho-Sin-Sul ground fighting course taught by Master Hannon Director for the USTF.
Several schools in Wyoming are growing the rest are continuing steadily.
Certificates for first-time students who took the recent Ho-Sin-Sul Course at Headquarters ------ the recipients with their instructors.

Sr. Master Martin spoke to us and said “This group is affecting people’s lives’,” we as instructors give our hearts to our students (and to passing on the General’s art of Taekwon-Do.  It has been given to us and the world we only need to have a passion to learn and benefit from the entire experience.) There are times when the student will chew up everything they learn and spit it out, they don’t care. To move on from that builds and develops us as instructors. We should never give up you see, every student is important.

November 2, 2014 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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