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May 31, 2014 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Sheridan Taekwon-Do

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

It was an early start for the June BB Class - 9:00 a.m., and still May! The class only ran until 10:00 so we could start a small "training tournament" which followed Black Belt Class. We trained at the Sheridan YMCA. Senior Master Martin opened class in front of a few spectators who came early for the tournament. We have no photos from the class; it was short but a great class!
Warm-ups - on the ten-counts, echoing the count on jumping jacks and other warm-ups, the YMCA knew we were there. We woke 'em up!

L-Stance, 1-2 punch: Be sure to turn full facing on the second punch, otherwise it won't reach your target and it will have no power. Your back heel must come off the ground as that knee bends when you turn to full facing.

When spinning for reverse kicks, keep your upper body as upright as possible, turning on your center axis of your body. This will help you balance, control the spin, control your kick, and you will recover faster to be ready for the next technique.

Doing patterns, we have been working on a slighly slower cadence for several months, and Senior Master Martin likes where we are going with that. We still need to work on staying together as a group when performing patterns. As before, we seem to lose synchronicity on the kicks (recovery time) and techniques such as bending ready stance or jumping motion techniques. Also on change of cadence - slow, fast, or continuous motion. Using a loud breath will help us stay together, as we can all hear where the group is through the breathing.

July 19 is the date set for a Black Belt / Color Belt Test in Sheridan.

May 31, for the June 2014 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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