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April 6, 2014 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Mr. Roland Flynn

Senior Master Martin opened class, then turned the class over to Mr. Flynn, V Degree Instructor from Rock Springs. Mr. Flynn said this class won't be a barn-burner; he wanted to get us to a frame of mind that will make us think. Not just today but all the while you are training and teaching. We learn to teach from our seniors, there is a science to teaching. Learn, do, show, read, write. The philosophy of Taekwon-Do is the guidance system for our weapons.

Mr. Flynn said it is necessary to understand conflict management. For our benefit and information Mr. Flynn shared with us by passing around copies of his IV Dan thesis on Understanding Conflict Managment. He says "Common sense leaves us when we get upset. There is a reason behind cultures."
Example: these guys are different, it's not that I have a problem with it,I'm just not the one that's going to be doing that.

Take time to make yourself understand that you have a choice whether to be angry or not! You don't have to like whatever it is; you do need to control your actions and feelings of it. Understanding something does not mean acceptance of it.

* Side front snap kick - think about the whole kick. Before the kick to prepare yourself, during the kick as you execute it, and after to analyze how you can improve on it. Slow motion is for developing pathways to accuracy.

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Mr. Flynn taught class
Working on front snap kicks

* Side piercing kick - Improve each time you execute the kick, be conscious of everyone in the group.

* Low twist kick - two speeds; think and feel what you do.

* Consecutive kicking - front snap kick, side piercing kick, twisting kick.

* Forging is maintenance for your whole body. Frog hops forward and then backward; Dragon walk; One leg pushups; Ladder pushups while traveling.

Frog hops
This looks like fun!

Do not compromise the art or intention of techniques. Keep students interested by changing things up. The longer you stay engaged with an opponent the greater the chance of getting hurt.

* "Core"dination drill; Drop roll and run.

Then everyone got to practice.
Good job!

Forging striking and blocking tool with a partner. Maintain accuracy and make contact with only the tool intended Gain muscle memory, brain-to-tool memory. Stress, pain, and panic will alter your abilities, and you will lose functionality. Forge your spirit, your will, your tool. It will hurt while training or when you need it it will HURT. Juniors pick up a piece of broken tile from a senior's break to use for forging and have the idea that this way the senior's spirit will be passed on through the forging process. Use direct pressure like knuckle pushups to strengthen supporting muscles and inner structure. Forging takes time, you cannot fake it!

prep position . . .
and contact
prep position . . .
and contact
Everyone got a chance to practice dallyon training!

Recognize that an odd situation may have reason behind it. Be nicer than necessary to others because everyone may be going through some kind of hardship.

* Parrying drill - stress manifests itself in may ways and builds up. Dump this stress by smiling, laughing, or shake off whatever is bothering you.

Mr. Flynn looks around and says, "This is a good-looking group."

* Three step sparring alone as a group; then one line starts then the next and the next, like singing row row row your boat in waves. Now you must stay focused on your own techniques not to be influenced and distracted by what is happening around you.

* Group pattern Chon-Ji.

Mr. Flynn reminded us that General Choi said you can teach and learn anywhere and any time.

* Won-Hyo. "Cool. Keeps getting better"

* Hwa-Rang. "Good job"

We all lined up for the end of class. Mr. Sisco our State Director asked for current information for an upgraded black belt list. some names my need to be removed and others added or updated.

April 26 would be the date for black belt / color belt test in Rock Springs. (This is being written on the 27th and that event has passed. The sutdents testing Rocked, and Jumped with Springs! 16 tested, ranging from white to black).

September 13 is the date for the Wyoming Invitational in Casper.

1st Dan Ryan Dalton came by to see Senior Master Martin. Mr. Dalton was home on leave from military service.

Senior Master Martin tells us that large classes are because of many years...
Instructors and seniors - don't get so important that you won't teach a small class. Teach only 1 or 2 if that's what you have. It's important that they are in Taekwon-Do.

Senior Master Martin is doing very well and is expecting a great future.

November 3, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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