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October 6, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

* Right leg Back L stance; lead leg side front snap kick X 10
* Step forward L stance guarding block with the outer forearm; repeat side-front snap kick X 10
* Combination kicking; side-front snap kick
* Combination kicking; side turning kick
* Back piercing kick, front leg side piercing kick; for the back kick pivot and turn on the center axis for fast turn and control of your body, lift, kick and retract for improved speed and power of the kick. Set down then lift for the side piercing kick. (When lifting, lift from the hip to change the angle of the pelvis.)
When performing group patterns the group loses the timing and togetherness at the kicking movements. Maintain the center of gravity between the feet while kicking.
* From L stance; middle twist kick in place. This is a short range kick, the knee stays slightly bent. If the kicking leg is extended then the little toes become the tool.  The knee points toward the target while turning the hip outward, coordinating the extension of the lower leg into the kick as the knee goes slightly past the target to enable it to stay bent. Keep foot position and tool in mind. At the execution of the kick the toe knuckles should be vertical and the foot at an angle with the heel just a bit lower to utilize the ball of the foot.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Back kick, side kick consecutive.
Twist kick, tool to target, do not extend the leg straight.
The angle of the foot, coordinated with correct action of the leg will result in a good twist kick, using the proper tool.

* Now that we are warmed up this is a good time for stretching the hips, lower back, and hamstrings.

Side splits, straight arms, then lower the arms and rock weight to the heels.
One leg in, stretch clear to the back.
Pull your body down over the bent knee, then center, then over the extended leg. Turn to stretch the hip.
Butterfly stretch.

* Sr. Master Martin said to us the General has told us how to do patterns, such as perform each movement with realism. So done with the intent to destroy the opponent or smash breaking material. The rhythm of the pattern comes from sine wave and absence of stiffness. The pattern cadence comes with the interpretation of the time for all this to happen.
Sr. Master Martin says he has reevaluated himself and the way patterns are performed and scored, to benefit all the Wyoming schools. To slow down, create rhythm, be powerful and pretty people of Taekwon-Do. We are still learning and we continue to learn about ourselves. This is the biggest battle of all.
* We lined up in front of the heavy bags and began practicing breaking kicks. There was some discussion regarding what is a legal side kick at tournaments - modified back kick (X-stance); step through; turning (back leg kicking). It is best to practice so that you can do your best kick out of your L-stance with the front leg - then there can be no question of being disqualified. Be sure to follow format!

* We worked on front snap kicks, 180 back kicks, side piercing, and turning kicks.

Side piercing kick: Position yourself to have the target-tool-hip-shoulder all in a line.
When lined up too far to the outside when contact to the target is made, the knee is outside the line, and the hip is behind and at an angle. In this picture, power is lost due to poor angle not perpendicular to target.
Working on front kicks - Michelle, Gabriel, Mrs. Robinson
Working on 180 back kicks - Nandy, Dr. Jeliazkov, Mr. Thompson

* Turning Kick:

Turning kick - line up to the side, and face D rather than straight to the target. The power of the kick goes toward D.
Toes down lower than the heel to use the ball of the foot as the tool.

* Punch with the forefist:

Rather than punching with the knuckles straight across (left), turn the fist slightly to an angle to make this break (right).
Set up in an L-stance, shift to a walking stance to move mass toward the target, fist at an angle, keeping the elbow down.
Here the elbow has raised too far, knuckles are horizontal.
Punch like this instead!

* Downward strike knife hand. Adjust height to allow body drop, but not so low that your legs restrict or slow the mass moving down.

This would be too low.
This is about the height you want.
Be sure you have correct motion that allows you to use the proper tool.
Do not use the forearm for a knife hand break - that's cheating!

* Certificates were presented:

Ho-Sin-Sul Course
I Dan Certificate to Dr. Jeliazkov
I Dan Certificates to Ms. Perris,
Mr. Robinson, Mr. Perris.

October 6, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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