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May 5, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin, USTF President

A fine day at Black Belt Class today - even before class a few students were doing patterns when Senior Master Martin also joined us in pre-class patterns. It is a wonderful thing to have my Instructor on the training floor going through patterns together. I love it!

Class started with a brief warm up, then from fighting stance, side front snap kick with front leg 10 times, step forward L-stance guarding block with the outer forearm, shift to fighting stance which is shorter and a bit more lively than L-stance. Repeat side front snap kick with the front leg 10 times.

Front leg side front snap kick, double side front snap kick combination kicking. In patterns when kicking there needs to be full and fast retraction. Without that full retraction it messes with the cadence, the flow, your stepping, and the diagram.

Lead leg side piercing kick, a bit slower than the side front snap kicks to allow proper lift and delivery. 10 times, then step forward and repeat with the other leg.

Middle back piercing kick - a very powerful kick when the rotation is coordinated with the kick. The head turns first, leading the body rotation. Don't look over the shoulder, rotate the shoulder enough to look past the shoulder. Retraction is important for depth of penetration and for balance recovery. Heel on the ground to contain the rebound, and the supporting knee bent for balance. Turn 180 degrees and stop the rotation to prevent kicking in a circle. Teach kicks by count to emphasize all aspects of the kick and have the right trajectory.

Side turning kick - lift heel to start so it is higher than the toes. Be sure to teach yellow belts this way. The supporting foot rotates and turns toes away from the kick. If you don't do this, the body will remain full face (BIG target-rich environment). Supporting heel must be on the floor at the time of the kick, with that knee bent for balance. Get your upper body turned from half face through full face to the other side half face quickly to keep you the target smaller not bigger. If the supporting foot does not rotate properly it fights against the hip rotation that is necessary for power and injury prevention.

(Click on any picture to see a larger image)

a nice warm up, L-stance 1-2 punch
working on Back Kicks
Side Turning Kick, the load sets up good foot position.
Heel comes off the ground to pivot, but must be on the floor at time of impact.
working on side turning kick

We worked some more in-place kicking, emphasizing the idea of keeping your body target smaller. When kicking with the back leg there is a time when the body becomes full face, then half face again when the kick is delivered. Minimize the time you are full facing between start and deilvery of the kick. Senor Master Martin demonstrated; he went from one side half facing to the other and you could not even see any time he was full facing. He explained that the use of your hands is important in that transition.

Senior Master Martin reminded the seniors and assistant instructors to think of everything as you train. Otherwise those little things leave us when we teach and demonstrate. This reinforces all aspects of a technique with students and yourself. Minor things fixed at yellow belt makes better Black Belts. We all get lazy as instructors, our students observe and will pick up on the things you don't intend them to. Rein yourself in and be sure of the techniques you are teaching.

Senior Master Martin asked us to realize the power this Black Belt Class group has in teaching students and to take that responsibility with great care. Do not change policy by teaching improper technique, even if unintentional. Be sure, ask questions to get a better understanding. There are ways to ask without challenging your instructor. Instructors, explain so the student understands.

Group pattern Won-Hyo.
Review all your known patterns so when judging you can determine technical errors. It is embarassing to advance one who made technical errors. Keep training.

Red Belts - Choong Moo. Senior Master Martin noted that there were several different versions of Choong-Moo.
4-Direction thrust exercise. Senior Master Martin directed the Red Belts to work on their step sparring and breaking techniques.

4-direction thrust exercise

Black Belts - Kwang-Gae, Po-Eun twice, Gae-Baek twice, Eui-Am, Choong Jang, open fist with fingers bent. Also teach students position for each pattern diagram, and the room it takes to perform it.
Juche, Sam-Il, Yoo-Sin, Choi-Yong.


We lined back up and certificates were passed out from the USTF Class "C" Instructors Course that was held in Casper in April. Those present here at Black Belt Class were:

  P. Ostrander #1012 B Robinson #1015
  L. Story #1018 N. Crabb #1024
  L. Paris #1026 R. Paris #1027
  V. Jeliazkov #1032 M. Jeliazkova #1034
    not present from Wyoming  
  B. Jones #1022 J. Freire #1036

Clint Martin and Gabriel Rochelle ran the birthday gauntlet, then each broke a board. Master Johnson also broke a board for Senior Master Martin as a make up break. Class was dismissed formally and we had a group picture taken.

Listenting to Senior Master Martin
Congratulations to Mr. Jeliazkov, Miss Jeliazkova, and Miss Crabb.
new Class C Instructors
Mr. Martin
birthday break turning kick
Mr. Rochelle
side piercing kick
Master Johnson
2x12 side piercing kick
Mr. Martin running the birthday gauntlet
Mr. Rochelle running the birthday gauntlet

In the Instructor Meeting following class we discussed continuing Black Belt Class the 1st Sunday of each month and not cancel class because of another upcoming event.
* Wyoming camp/testing will be July 12-13-14 at Bear Trap Meadow on Casper Mountain.
* Coaches will be allowed at Nationals in Broomfield. They must wear a track suit jacket, blue slacks allowed. We discussed whether to have 1 coach for each school or 1 for all of Wyoming.
* One person from each state will carry their state flag. We agreed Mr. Giese would be our selection, due to his military service in the National Guard.
* Team sweats for Wyoming are available for around $75 for jacket and pants.
* T-shirts will also be made specially for Nationals. Senior Master Martin asked for design ideas that would represent all schools in Wyoming, that might be used on a garment and for Wyoming Color Belt certificates, and for Wyoming mini-camp certificates.
* Then the discussion turned toward grading for Color Belt Tests. Senior Master Martin would like us to have a positive perspective when we write comments. It was suggested we practice grading at a Black Belt class so that we can improve the testing experience. We would like to see more Black Belts support the Color Belt Testings and be there a half hour early. Senior Master Martin encouraged us to motivate people to be a part of it, to respect and understand each student's mental and physical ability. Give students a good experience to they want to come to class!

May 5, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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