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March 3, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

The drive from Sheridan to Casper for Black Belt Class usually brings some lovely views . . .

leaving Sheridan
Big Horn Mountains

Instructor: Senior Master Martin, USTF President

The warm up always gets things going in the body and in the mind. It is the best thing to line up for or in front of your Instructor to train and learn!
* Fighting stance 1-2 punch, moving quickly, warming up, feeling good.
Sr. Master Martin asked how many did kicking drills by themselves? A few raised their hands. He said class time is not enough. It takes, and we should spend, the additional time perfecting kicks. 
The Instructor needs to work and teach the class as a whole. We each need to take to heart each cue, direction and correction given and practice those things. Learning, then additional practice to improve and move toward perfection.  That’s what the Black Belt Class review has been and is all about - a reference to go to for what was taught and practiced. Sr. Master Martin challenged all of us to take time outside of class to practice kicking drills. This will help maintain the cadence in patterns through the kicking. Sr. Master Martin has noted that the kicking is where group patterns fail to stay together.
* Middle side-front snap kick, step (up to, not through) middle hook kick, step middle twist kick. These kicks have three different set ups, three different deliveries, and three different foot positions.
* Step outward downward kick, step high kick, step crescent kick.
* Middle back piercing kick, combination kicking. The knee turns level only when  the target has moved inside of normal range. Pivot on your axis for more balanced and faster kicking. Some reasons balance is lacking are:
~ the standing leg is straight and /or the student is bending forward at the waist when turning
~ leaving the kicking foot out, not retracting
~ leaning too far.
Be sure to turn the hips 180 degrees, the kicking hip is lifted, the supporting leg is bent at the knee and the heel is down.
* Perform and demonstrate kicks correctly, the students will emulate some of the things they see, like where your hands are, looking away from the target, delivery, bad foot position; things you aren’t doing quite right because you are concentrating on some other point you're trying to get across.
* Step side rising kick
* Lead leg outward downward kick, outward downward kick combination kicking.
Don’t hurry the kicks, that makes technique and foot position waver. Get faster by working on kicking drills and becoming better at the kicks. Practice diligently! Notice and correct technique. Avoid brainless repetion.
* When sparring use different tools like turning kick with the instep or the ball of the foot, pick targets and use the best tool for it.
We come together for Black Belt Class and from this class we are helping our Instructor and Sr. Master Martin when we go back to our own Taekwon-Do schools and teach now that we’ve learned.

“Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn.” ~~John Cotton Dana.

* It is important to teach ~ through that we can learn about ourselves. We could learn about others in our Taekwon-Do family, their home life, other family members.  These things sometimes dictate decisions we make. Those decisions may make ourselves or others angry or disappointed, so take the time and care to understand each other.
Four direction thrust exercise. Tool is the side elbow.
Hwa Rang.  Without the retraction of kicks the cadence  is changed, balance is lost, stepping and timing suffer. Do kicking drills to have more uniform kicking.
Choong-Moo, 1st gups off the floor

2nd Gups, Hwa-Rang
1st Gups, Choong-Moo, and a few fast push-ups
I Dans, Gae-Baek
III Dans, Choi-Yong - nice lift!

Highest pattern by count
Tong-Il,VIII,VII, VI  dans
Hwa-Rang, 2nd gups
Choong-Moo , 1st gups

IV Dans, Yon-Gae - Lady Warriors
V Dans

Continue to practice everything you can. Once you’ve learned something there is still maintenance to be done to maintain the technique.
Yon-Gae, IV dans
Gae-Baek, II dan
Eui-Am, II dans
Choi-Young, III dans

We paired up with a partner and practiced kicking drills back and forth kicking target pads.

partners for kicking drill
Mrs. Rosenof
birthday break with a twist
Mr. McDill - this is how to
break your own held board
say ahhhhhh...

Nandy Crabb received her Class C Referee
certificate and patch
A little clownin' around - Mr. Flynn, it was a set-up!
Mr. Giese looks so innocent.

Mat Chat: At the Referee course in Rock Springs March 23,2013, high blue belt and above will be able to certify as “C” referee. Bring with you a picture 1” square. For any certifying to “B” or “A” also bring a resume' of tournament experience as an official. See flyers for complete information. It is always good to take a refresher course to maintain your officiating. Mr. Sisco will be teaching the course.
USTF “C” Instructor course will be April 6 and 7 at the Casper Recreation Center, with Grand Master Winegar teaching the course. This amazing course is open to all ranks at $15 a gup level. An incredible value at every level, you will be dismissed after your current level has been covered. Again refresh… See flyers for complete information.
Mr. Jordan McDill and Mrs. Chrissie Rosenof ran the birthday gauntlet and instead of cake they smashed wood.
The group picture was taken in a different location today.
Review by Master R Johnson

A long look around the do-jang.
Bustin' a move

March 3, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Driving home --- 100 miles ahead is a blizzard

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