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June 2, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

We began with a vigorous warm-up getting all the joints and muscles ready for action.
* L-stance, or fighting stance, which is a little bit shorter and weight on the balls of the feet. One-two punch.
Be sure to finish the first punch before starting the second one. The first punch is like a distraction, a push even, then the second finishes with power as the first punch recoils or retracts. That is reaction force.
* One-two punch, skip side front snap kick. Do not lose the lift and kick too low.
* Sweeping kick, step twist kick, outward strike with the knife hand. The sweeping kick is on C-D line.
* Sweeping kick, outward vertical kick, middle outward strike with the knife hand. Be careful of your shoulder and do not lock the elbow.
* Front leg downward kick, reverse hook kick. Raise the knee of the front leg toward the opponent's front hand, to interfere with the defense. Set down and pivot around your center axis. Control the weight transfer for the reverse hook kick. How we turn the body - - think about the inside core, so balance recovery is better.
* Side piercing kick, 180 back kick. Practice jumping from your stance without any additional movement of the feet. No cheater step - this will take additional time and broadcast to your opponent that you are going to jump.

It is important to kick within your abilities. Whatever your body allows, learn to use what you've got. The 180 back kick needs to be fast so keep it low but above the belt. Lead leg side kick must have fast lift and be controlled so you can modify the target and avoid the elbow block.

* Rising kick.
* Kicks below the belt are useful in open tournaments and defense for the street. Sweeps are useful to take down or distract for additional techniques.
* From parallel stance, midair side piercing kick to A, to B, to C.
* Side front snap kick, mid air, to A, to B, to C.

4-Direction exercise through Won-Hyo, continuously.

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a nice warm up
4-direction through Won Hyo continuously
working on kicks
Everyone did a pattern at their level, by count, with Senior Master Martin providing comments and corrections

Then we broke into groups by rank to do patterns again
V, VI, VII Dans
I, II, III, IV Dans
1st and 2nd Gups

Breaking -
* Punch - walking stance, reverse punch. Don't rotate the fist completely, make contact with the fist at an angle. Master Johnson demonstrated maintaining walking stance, utilizing sine wave.
Mr. Sisco and Mr. McDill each demonstrated with a step towards the target.
Senior Master Martin demonstrated vertical punch technique.

* Side piercing kick - lift and use the proper tool. Technique is most important. Power will come if the technique is there. Know your leg length, get in a good position, have lift and keep the kick under control.
The kick - the tool - should stay in line with the hips, the hips at an angle to the board. Hit the target with the foot sword, keep the foot tight. Shift your mass toward the target at the moment of the kick. Use piercing motion, not like a battering ram.
Have the proper mental attitude before you step up to break!

* 180 degree back kick - jump out of your stance without a cheater step. Try shortening the stance a bit.

Use sine wave. Pay attention to hand position. No bend in the wrist,slight angle of fist at contact.
Senior Master Martin demonstrated vertical punch technique.
Master Johnson - side piercing kick
Hips will be at an angle, control the lift to maintain accuracy.

Sr. Master Martin - side piercing kick
Mr. McDill - 180 back piercing kick.

Bowing out after a great class.
Running a birthday guantlet.

June 2, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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