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January 6, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor - Senior Master Martin, VIII Dan

Senior Master Martin led us through warm ups with the heater on...
* First loosen the joints from wrists to toes. Then we laid on our backs with feet together and elevated 6” off the floor, no less. As one student called out the ABC’s we were to draw that letter in the air with our feet. The question was asked, “Is LMNO was one letter?” Hmmm the answer lies within the question—NO.
* Then with a student counting in Korean and the class echoing the count we did pushups, inverted hurdlers stretch in 3 directions i.e. leaning over the bent knee, reach forward to the middle and reach to the extended foot. * Butterfly stretch, jumping jacks, arm swings knees up to chest, bouncing lightly without heels touching the floor, leg raises from L stance.

* Two steps forward (double step) to L stance middle side block with the inner forearm, reverse punch
 * L stance high side block with the outer forearm, reverse spin to walking stance high side strike with the back fist
* Four direction punch exercise (right then left)
* Left walking stance to D reverse pressing block with the palm, step and thrust with the straight finger tip, turn around and repeat, turn around to guarding block.
* Lead leg side piercing kick ½ speed, red belts one kick black belts double kick.
* Middle twisting kick high if you can, set down to L stance outward strike with the knife hand, shift the back leg to walking stance reverse punch, shift back leg to L stance guarding block with the outer forearm.
* Inward vertical kick, L stance high side strike with the back fist, shift the front foot to walking stance obverse punch, shift the front leg to L stance guarding block with the outer forearm.
* L stance 1-2 punch.
* Walking stance high thrust with the flat finger tip, hook kick, guarding block with the Knife hand from L stance.
* For the hook kick with the rear leg be sure to load the kick by bringing the knee across the body toward the opposite side chest, after the load and as you pivot the toes go from being higher than the heel to the heel being higher than the toes as the kick is delivered. The foot goes through the target on the C-D line then retract. Do not allow the leg to just drop to the floor after the kick retract and recover, and set down with balance.
* From L stance back piercing kick, recover after the kick to the starting position without setting down then move to walking stance and Reverse thrust with the straight fingertip.

Finish each kick before starting the next technique.

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Sr. Master Steadman came to
Wyoming BB Class
little bounces 4-Direction Punch Sr. Master Martin, discussing
high flat fingertip thrust

* Inward downward kick, 180 degree back piercing kick

For the downward kick be sure to raise-load the leg very high.

* Outward downward kick, 180 degree back piercing kick
* 4 direction thrust exercise first the black belt group then the red belts
* Group pattern Joong-Gun

Sr. Master Martin stated that we have a certain cadence in our patterns because it takes a certain amount of time to execute the movement, to create sine wave and power. The cadence can be slightly modified in competition to better suit the judging.

* Lead leg twist kick middle, high if you can, recover balance, 360 degree back kick off the front leg no step. For those who cannot jump Sr. Master Martin demonstrate a stepping 360 degree back kick. It was very cool to watch that. It would have been at least as hard to defend as a mid-air kick.
* Mid-air front snap kick with the back leg.
* Mid-air side turning kick with the back leg.
* Outside rows to the wall and rest, inside rows spread out a bit, then we switched. Pattern Hwa-Rang and listen for breathing. Sr. Master Martin noted that the cadence as a group fails at the kicks due to a loss of balance and letting the kicking leg fall rather than retracting and maintain balance. After the punch that is grabbed, pull the back foot towards the front foot and do not pull the hand to the body. The grabbed hand does not move in space after the punch. Then be sure to have balance recovery after the side piercing kick for equilibrium to execute the next technique.

Mrs. Willcox and Mrs. Rosenof Mrs. Lynch taking off

Master Johnson and Mr. Flynn
comparing notes

* Step right kick left flying side piercing kick. Red belts 1 kick, Black Belts double kick.
* Reverse hook kick one after the other in succession, Sr. Master Martin started first.
* Group patterns by count. Tong-Il, Se-Jong, Ul-Ji, Choi-Young, Choong-Jang, Po-Eun, Choong-Moo, Hwa-Rang. Sr. Master Martin asked if there is interference or threat of a collision, who has the right-of-way? Then explained that in a construction zone the big trucks, the loaded trucks like Sr. Master Steadman have the right-of-way. You know, your senior has the right-of-way.

 After pattern Po-Eun Sr. Master Martin told the story of the Po-Eun exorcism.

* As the patterns progressed the cadence continually failed at the kicking.
All Black Belts performed Po-Eun with Sr. Master Martin and when finished he was jumping with joy, punching the sky and shouting I’m cured (refer to Po-Eun exorcism).

Tong-Il Tong-Il Se-Jong Choi-Yong

* From fighting stance 1-2 punch. Be aware of the theory of power not just movement. When you train practice like you know it and mean it! This helps reinforce the cadence for patterns.
* Each punch should be delivered to finish, ending the conflict! If you have no balance and no penetration then you have to punch many times.
* When we practice with our Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters we aim to protect them, so you must believe when you are training what is really happening. If you can’t hit a vital spot then execute the technique to break the arm or crush the leg, then the attacker will be thinking about that and will be less effective. Practice this ideology when doing fundamental movements and patterns. As for the 1-2 punch one hand must finish before the other starts, don’t get your arms tied up. Turn your hip toward the opponent but do not over rotate or your fist will not be delivered in a straight line.

Wow great class today Sr. Master Martin. Applause!
* Mat chat: Sr. Master Martin told us this process of Black Belt class is so important for us in Wyoming, hats off to instructors for bringing students. He thanked our guests that came to train with us. Sr. Master Steadman came up from Sereff Taekwon-Do in Colorado and brought with him our precious lady friends Mrs. Winkler and Mrs. Lynch. He also thanked Mr. Ted Hick from Fort Collins for coming.

* Mr. Sisco presented to Jordan McDill, an HP lap top computer.
Mr. McDill will be attending the University of Wyoming in Laramie starting this month. Mr. Sisco said any engineer he knew had to have a computer and that this was thanks for the big things and the 10 million little things he had done. Then added “You didn’t know I was keeping track” and slapped him on the back of the shoulder.
* Sr. Master Martin had pizza delivered for us all to partake of, what a nice reward after training, soon after he called to order a meeting with the head instructors.

* Annual USTF maintenance fees due; $75 - family discounts apply.
 * Wyoming Instructors send list to Mr. Sisco before February 22
 Include: Name, USTF #, Black Belt #, $
* Sr. Master Martin stated to us that students come to us because they want to be influenced by people like us. We aim to solidify our Wyoming schools, support events as a group, and influence through action. There are such great people in Taekwon-Do and they are all over the country! We must get to know them and them us.

Upcoming events:
~March 23, 2013: Referee course in Rock Springs at the Recreation Center. Mr. Sisco will be instructing this course.
~April 6-7, 2013: Proposed USTF “C” Instructor Course at Martin’s Taekwon-Do.
~May 18, 2013: Axe Taekwon-Do Tournament, Belleview, Nebraska.
~June 22-23, 2013: Proposed; Nationals at Broomfield High School.
~September 2013: Wyoming Invitational.
~See the Calendar page and Up Coming USTF Events for a more complete list.

Mr. Sisco and Mr. McDill
Mrs. Lynch, Senior Master Martin,
Senior Master Steadman and Mrs. Winkler

January 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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