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February 3, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor - Senior Master Martin, VIII Dan

Sr. Master Martin led us through a full body warm up and on to
Chon-Ji then Dan-Gun and four direction thrust exercise.
* Combination kicking, side front snap kick
Start slow, increase speed and power as the body allows.
Bring the knee higher than the target then the knee drops down as the foot extends. Recoil, the retraction is as important as the extension.
* Combination kicking, high kick
The foot is flexed to properly use the ball of the foot tool
* Side front snap kick, high kick combination kicking
Penetrate properly with side front snap kick; it goes straight in and out
* Hook kick, Reverse hook kick combination kicking
Pull through with the hip and down as the kick finishes. Penetrate deeper, lift the knee to side chest to load. The back heel is the tool to knock people out also the ball of the foot. The heel comes through the target before the foot retracts to the back of the butt. Most are getting to the target with the heel and pulling the foot to the butt and the knee is bending back from where it came, the kick came to an end too soon; No power without pulling the tool and the knee through the target with the hip.
* Middle Twist kick high if you can do the splits, downward kick combination kicking. The kick is delivered after the knee is positioned yet there is still hip rotation.
If you hit someone with a good hook kick or downward kick you won’t have much trouble with them the rest of the match. Downward and hook kicks are among the hardest to block. Even when partially blocked there may be no point but they know they’ve been hit.
The downward kick lifts outside the front guarding hand in the opponents natural blind spot; the lift and delivery zone. It’s a built in position so gain that advantage.
* Combination kicking outward downward kick, step middle twist kick.                  
Ms. Gandy demonstrated twisting kick. Yeah like that!
* Back Piercing Kick-- Turn with the inside of your body, imagine a pole through the vertical center line of your body and pivot around the pole from the center. The turn is faster and your balance is easier to maintain. The true test of the pivot will be combination kicking.  Use the foot sword as tool. From L stance the turn is slower, now from fighting stance the turn can be faster.

*** Awesome kicking Black and Red belts! ***

Group Pattern Hwa-Rang—the cadence is good.
Two red belts on the floor for Toi-Gye.
One Red belt for Choong-Moo—pay attention to levels! Just a little bit off line or level and that takes away from what is right. Show no discouragement with self. Lengthen stances, Thrust with a straight finger tip is full facing.
Red Belts Hwa-Rang
I and II dan’s Gae-Baek
III, IV,  V,  VI, VII, VIII dan’s Pattern Gae-Baek
II dan patern Eui-Am—there are very powerful ladies in Taekwon-Do. Taekwon-Do is the best vehicle to be the most powerful person as possible.
All red belts pattern Joong-Gun—Mr. Jeliazkov gave the wrong answer for the pattern diagram, Mrs. Phillips gave the correct answer for the # of movements. Keep your patterns current work on the lower ones as well.
III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII dan’s pattern Eui-Am

* From L stance 1-2 punch, now from fighting stance and faster.                           
Who has sparring gear? Most did and we sparred for several minutes
* L stance high side strike with the backfist and how about low?—slide in blocking and turning then strike to the midsection with the back fist, this may be hard for the judges to see and may not award a point.
* Moving from a fighting stance, step middle back fist, reverse spinning high side strike with the back fist. Get your head turned first then lead with elbow to get it higher than opponents guarding arm then back fist will work making the block ineffective. If you don’t look first it should be called as a blind technique however a note to center referees it does not take a week to look for the target.
* Sr. Master Martin brought us all back together and explained that he had been working four or five things about sparring that we could incorporate into our arsenal. He said the top fighters are better now than they were because of better technique.
* Twist kick, reverse hook kick, downward kick, back fist, reverse turning kick all techniques to use for angles and difficult to defend when executed with precision.

When you are preparing to work out warm up with patterns, then pick one to work on in detail.
Sr. Master Martin talked about the aging process and the ugly tricks it plays on people as they get older. We forget things we have previously learned, the words “used to could” are coming out of our mouth. Do not stand up and challenge your Instructor. Give respect for the aging process we go through. When we are young we can’t imagine losing memory, sight, strength and /or hearing; we could lose our health. Have empathy for aging process and take it to heart. Practice and maintain what you can for as long as you can and pass on your knowledge while you still have it.

February 23, 2013  >  USTF Maintenance fee due to Mr. Sisco
March 23, 2013   >  USTF Referee Course                        Rock Springs
April 6-7, 2013  >  USTF “C” Instructor Course                Casper
April 20, 2013  >  Black Belt / Color Belt Test                   Rock Springs
May 5, 2013  >  Northeast Challenge                                 Concord, Mass
May 18, 2013  >  AXE Taekwon-Do Tournament             Belleview, Ne
June 22-23, 2013  >   USTF Nationals                                 Broomfield, Co

Teach students the things they need to do to improve their score! We know what to do we’ve been taught right. Be a leader in traveling to participate and spread Taekwon-Do. We are all leaders here and in your own classes. We have the opportunity to be awesome every time we step onto the do-jang floor.

February 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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