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December 8, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Instructor: Senior Master Martin

Super cold outside just made for a super class inside!
After a gradually quick warm up the first techniques follow -
* Side front snap kick, skip side front snap kick
* From L stance; back piercing kick, set down L stance high side strike with the back fist, mid-air 180 degree high side strike with the back fist while landing in an L stance.
* From L stance; combination kicking, sweeping kick, outward vertical kick set down L stance guarding block with the outer forearm.

Group pattern; Dan Gun (while facing B). Keep in mind; slower cadence, rhythm, power, take the time to finish each technique then move to the next one. The cadence slows down due to the time between techniques. Continous motion; execute fully and finish the first technique, then, without delay, begin the next movement with sine wave and complete it. There is no time between techniques. As one is completed the next one rebounds off the finish of the first, each must be executed completely, and each one has a breath.
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Kicking combinations.
Set down, guarding block.
Stepping to walking stance, make sure the back heel stays on the floor, drive it into the floor.
Pay attention to your tool, and the angle of your joints. How you set yourself up affects your abilty to strike/block effectively.

As a group we are still working on the interpretation and execution of the cadence that Sr. Master Martin is looking for, we lose it, the cadence, in the kicking techniques.

Five front rising kicks in place then step forward and repeat five front rising kicks.
Now stretching, side step to sitting stance and squat, bum down.
For those who have injuries or health issues and are not supposed to do any particular movement or motion… don’t do what you’re not supposed to do. Slide out to side split, walk heel toe in and keep the hands on the floor, roll up to standing.

Right leg back L stance; Step hook kick. The apex of the kick should be slightly before contact with the target. That is coming down on the target in a bit of an arching motion. Even if the kicker’s calf contacts the defenders guarding forearm the back heel can hit the temple. Lift the hip as you begin the kick and keep it lifted through the execution of the kick.

Group 4-direction thrust exercise.

* From L stance and an outer 4-arm guarding block; skip side front snap kick, jump side front snap kick, same leg kicking.
* From L stance; skip side front snap kick, flying side front snap kick, opposite legs kicking.
* From L stance; outward vertical kick, set down L stance execute outward strike with the knife-hand, 180 degree back piercing kick. Jump from the L stance, do not shift your feet to bring them under you before you jump.

Outward vertical kick, outward strike with the knife hand, 180 back kick, without shifting from your L-stance.

There were several competitors at the latest tournament that were disqualified at the 180 degree back kick station for shifting their feet. Practice jumping from your stance, it builds leg strength and makes for a useful technique without telegraphing what you intend to do. If you are unable to jump so high then you must kick faster or for the hip guys, step and kick.
For heavy breaking you must be sure to line up the hip, knee, and target at the point and time of contact with the target. If the knee is to the side at the time of contact it will be possible only to break a few boards. Maximum power is not possible.

Do not take the "cheater step" before jumping . . .
Instead, jump directly out of your L-stance.

Step to walking stance; execute high side block with the double forearm. Sr. Master Martin sees some dropping the hands all the way below the waist between movements. The hands should only come down a couple of inches due to sine wave and should not drop at all in relation to the body. The hands should rise in preparation for the next technique and be delivered in a slightly downward motion. The body should become half facing at the moment of the block. Now add reverse punch. Rotate the fist outward 15 degrees to line up the tool with the forearm.

High side block with double forearm.
Reverse punch.
Check the angle of your fist.
The fist must be rotated 15 degrees so the tool will line up with the forearm.
Be sure to use full range of motion!

When doing fundamental movements the blocking or attacking tool should rebound slightly. This concept is not particularly for pattern competition.

Group pattern Hwa-Rang; the cadence was good until the kicking. Sr. Master Martins’ expectations of the IV dans and up are way above that of I, I, III dans. Practice patterns with power and effort. Slow down the time between the techniques. Create sine wave, have rhythm. Sr. Master believes in the theory of power in order to hit and kick. You must practice with that theory in mind and start correctly. We will tell the difference on tests and tournaments.

Every one paired up and held pads for each other while one practiced kicking padded targets from standing, jumping and flying positions .You must keep the  theory  power in mind as well as the tool while kicking.

We paired up with pads for kicking . . .
each worked on kicks of choice,
from standing, jumping, and flying.

Then each rank worked on one pattern. We went in two groups so as to have enough room.

2nd Gup through III Dan

IV Dan through VIII Dan

It is well appreciated by our Instructor that those training have come even though the temperature is sub zero and some roads less than good. The importance of this class is very high as it keeps us together and on the floor training.
Sr. Master feels lucky to have so many ranks represented in class, it is a big benefit to the instructor to keep currant and practice all levels.
Sr. Master Martin leads by example and from the front. He tells us to always look at your-self first and treat people correctly.

December 8, 2013 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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