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October 7, 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Mr. Johnson bowed the class in to Senior Master Martin and we began by loosening the joints, then dynamic rising kicks, then some stretching for the hips and hamstrings.
* Slow motion kicking: front snap kick - side piercing kick combination, then half-speed kicks.
* Walking stance, 1-2 punch.
* Middle twist kick, outward strike with the knife hand, back to guarding block.
* Group pattern Joong-Gun.
* Step forward to L-stance high side strike with the backfist, spinning high side strike with the backfist, front leg hook kick - side turning - consecutive kicks.
* Step forward L-stance reverse punch, back piercing kick, guarding block with the outer forearm.
*4-directional thrust exercise, left then right.
* Black Belts - Kwang-Gae by count, Red Belts Yul-Gok by count.

Click on any picture to see a larger image. (thanks to young Mr. Smith for taking pictures)
Slow motion twist kick, set down outward knife hand strike
Yul-Gok by count
The knife hand block runs at an angle to the palm.
Try it again, looks good!

Mrs. Popp was sent with Mr. Thompson to learn the last few moves of Kwang-Gae,
Mr. Tanner was sent with Mr. Ostrander to work on Joong-Gun.

Red Belts performed pattern Yul-Gok - Senior Master Martin noted they had some things to work on: they did not stay together as a group - 4 individuals. Some had walking stances too wide, others too relaxed and did not extend the arm when punching, leaving their elbows slightly bent.

Black Belts did patterns Kwang-Gae and Po-Eun

Red Belts ~ Yul-Gok
Black Belts ~ Kwang-Gae
All rows turned to face the patio for Po-Eun to accomodate the pattern diagram - a horizontal line.

Then the Red Belts did Toi-Gye.

Black Belts did Po-Euwn b count, then without count.

Red Belts ~ Toi-Gye
Black Belts ~ Po-Eun by count
All rows turned to face the opposite way for Po-Eun without count.

Red Belts did Hwa-Rang.

Black Belts Gae-Baek by count, then without count.

Hwa-Rang - Senior Master Martin stressed the importance of holding the punch in space while executing the grab.

Gae-Baek - make sure the double arc-hand block is high, and stance facings are correct for the different stances.

Red Belts did Hwa-Rang.
Black Belts Gae-Baek by count, then without count.

Choong-Moo. Watch the angle of the knee on bending ready stance. Use correct tool on high side back strike..

Choong-Moo again . . .

Senior Master Martin reminded us that all students need to keep up on intermediate patterns. You have an obligation to know every pattern up to and including your rank. It is important to know the details of your patterns so that when judging patterns in competition you can score properly. Everyone in this class is an instructor or you assist your instructor in class. Review those patterns. He also said the quality that we continue to have at our Wyoming testings is above average that he sees when traveling, and he wants to continue this standard. We as students are the ones who must train and uphold a high standard.

With a double stepping motion, outward downward kick, switch step, side turning kick with the instep. This technique is used to close the gap without alarming your opponent, do not change your facing when you switch the feet. It is also used to create an angle suitable for attacking a different target on the body. This is done by how the feet are positioned when switching - set the front foot where you need it so the back foot can reach the desired target. Again, without changing the upper body distance or facing.

Working on double stepping and switch-step with the kicks.
Use the switch-step to set up for the scoring kick without telegraphing to your opponent.

Now with partners and target pads.
With attacking tool and foot position in mind -
Reverse hook kick.
Combination kicking - reverse hook kick, reverse hook kick. Control the upper body to reduce recovery time.
When we have a target to kick it helps stop the over-rotation in the spinning kicks.
On the downward kicks remember the target is the shoulder level or clavicle. At the lowest, solar plexus level, if your opponent is bent over and the target is the back. Pads should be held at the proper level to practice this kick.

Target on the downward kick is the clavicle - at the lowest, solar plexus level if opponent is bent over.

Step kicking - Front leg downward kick, (step to the side rear), downward kick, double step (step to the side front), downward kick, and the target moves back each time.

Mat Chat:
Senior Master Martin thanked us all for coming. He said progress continues on his courtyard patio, and it will continue through this week, then they will begin concrete work on the east side of the building.
He told us it is important to travel and take part in events around the country. It is time consuming, expensive and we get little acknowledgement from it. It is still important. Pick some events to attend even though you can't make them all.
Mr. Sisco mentioned some coming events -
October 21 - Senior Grand Master Sereff's Fall Championships at Broomfield High School.
October 27 - Wyoming color belt and Mr. Johnson's testing to VII Dan Master at Casper Senior Center.
November 3 - Utah State Championships
November 3 - USTF Class B Instructor Course at Headquarters, Grand Master Winegar teaching.
November 4 - Wyoming Black Belt Class at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do.
December 2 - Wyoming Black Belt Class at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do.

October 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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