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March 4, 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

An excellent Black Belt class today was taught by Senior Master  Martin. We warmed up with light calesentics, low power techniques then stretch a bit, and then all of that again. Senior Master Martin explained how younger students may not yet see the value of warming up, but the seniors certainly did understand. Soon we were working on combination kicking; side front snap kick-side piercing kick-side turning kick-back piercing kick. Done in the order we teach them.

Quadruple back piercing kick, guarding block with the outer forearm; Senior Master Martin reminded us to turn our heads and gain balance before kicking or likely only 1 or 2 kicks can be done. Also retract and reload each kick so that each one is a kick. (You wouldn’t want to be seen just shaking your leg.)

Consecutive kicking; back piercing kick-side front snap kick-back piercing kick-side front snap kick, each time maintain proper balance, posture and load every kick. Do not lean away from either kick.

180 degree back piercing kick; Senior Master Martin stood beside Mr. Spann and said, now kick on C-D line. Don’t kick me or each other and tuck.

Flying side piercing kick; I can tell Senior Master Martin said how you’ve been practicing when it’s time to break with this kick. If you are very athletic you may be able to pull it off in 2 weeks practice otherwise you may be ready …next testing.

Pattern Dan-Gun;

Won-Hyo; when there are injuries or weak knees or weak ankles, moves like bending stance and kicks are difficult. This can make it tough for the entire class to keep the same cadence.

 He then demonstrated thrust with a straight fingertip and advised us to be full facing and not ½ facing blending into the next movement as in the release in Do-San.

The front ½ of the class was instructed to turn around to face the back ½ of the class and the 2 halves separated by a few steps. We again performed Won-Hyo. We didn’t stay together very well; the near collisions at the top of the pattern broke concentration and rhythm. Then the front row was told to breath audibly and everyone else to breath silently and follow the breath and rhythm of the Sr. front row. The cadence was much better; however the silent breathing was a challenge. Do it again.

Groups by rank and each group selected a current pattern from their rank which would be performed by count. The senior rank has the right of way when patterns mingle.

Then one group at a time on the floor to perform their pattern without count; Red belts first.

Mr Johnson was asked to work with Mr Dalton on pattern Po-Eun.

The class lined up for sparring switching partners several times and was fast paced.

Line up for birth-day gauntlet;  Mr. Jordan McDill (Feb) and Mrs. Chrissie Rosenof (today)  ran the birth-day gauntlet followed by Miss Jennifer Rogers who will be leaving later this month to serve in the military. Miss Rogers has joined the Air Force and will be going to Texas for basic training. The three gauntlet runners each broke a board; McDill held his own board and punched half of it right off. Rosenof blasted her board out the back of the board holder with a turning kick. Rogers cleanly cut her board in half with an inward knife-hand strike.

Mat Chat; Ho-sin-sul certificates were passed to instructors for presentation in their own classes. There were many who attended the course as a refresher. We agreed that a participation certificate would be appropriate for continuing education requirements.                                                

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