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June 3, 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Senior Master Martin opened class, and introduced our guests - Master Dan Griffin, VII, and Mr. Ted Hick, IV.

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Master Dan Griffin
Mr. Ted Hick

A brief warm-up to begin training, and then we started techniques down the floor.
* Side front snap kick, 1-2 punch, return to guarding block.
* Step side piercing kick, outward strike with the knife hand, 2-punch.
Be sure to deliver the punch in a straight line to the the target. Do not allow it to hook or cross the solar plexus line because of the turn from1/2 facing to full facing. On the kick, lift from the hip, then turn the hip over through the motion to finish the kick.
* Rear foot stance, upward block with the palm, middle twist kick.
If your leg is long and extended you won't be able to hit the target with the proper tool (ball of the foot). The kicking leg knee should stay bent.
* Step outward downward kick.
* Walking stance, reverse pressing block with the palm. Slow motion - obverse hand (secondary block), is at chest line. The pressing palm is turned in slightly to be able to use the tool effectively. To do this, turn the elbow out slightly and naturally.
* Repeat pressing block with the palm, regular speed.
* Walking stance, low block - rising block continuous motion, high kick with the front leg, thrust with the straight fingertip.

Pressing block with the palm, showing application.
High kick.

* High side block with the double forearm, arms form a rectangle and fairly high to deliver the block in a slightly downward motion. For the back hand the 2nd joint of the little finger touches the uniform but not the body. Then shift backward and execute low reverse block with the outer forearm. The shift should be 1/2 stance length. The high side block stays in the position it was, according to the body, and is at about a 45-degree angle because of reverse half facing. The low block arm is slightly bent as always.
* High wedging block with the outer forearm, vertical punch with the twin fist. On the wedging block, if the left leg steps, the left arm is in front at the cross (intermediate hand position).
* L-stance, twin block with the knife hand. Position the arms so that the blocking tools are appropriate. For the rising block, the attack is coming from the side. The arms are in slightly different positions when the forearms are the tools.
The hands should be rotated to use the knife hand and not the back hand, as some were doing.
Correct your own L-stances. This class is not designed for fixing and correcting stances.

Preparation and delivery of high side block
with the double forearm
High wedging block with outer forearms
Use the correct tool on twin block with the knife hands

Senior Master Martin is really excited about the red belts coming up, and the future of Wyoming Taekwon-Do. He said the quality of Taekwon-Do in Wyoming is of a high standard because we work fundamental movements in our classes. Instructors need to understand their students' capabilities and limitations, yet challenge them to improve.

L-stance: General Choi has designed the L-stance to be very mobile in all directions. With the feet slightly in from 90 degrees, it makes the stance more dynamic than if the feet were at a straight 90 degree angle.

When dealing with students, especially new, low ranking students, be gentle - they do not yet know our system.

* Walking stance, thrust with the flat fingertip.
* Low stance, thrust with the flat fingertip - is the length of your foot longer than a walking stance, and is used to come up under the opponent.
* Thrust with the straight fingertip - this is used for soft tissue attack;
pivot, low block with the outer forearm, pull the front foot to L-stance guarding block.
* Combination 4 basic kicks: side front snap kick, side piercing kick, side turning kick, back piercing kick.
* Outward vertical kick, step outward downward kick.
* Outward pressing kick, hook kick, side turning kick, consecutive kicking. In patterns it is necessary to keep the supporting leg locked for outward pressing kick; when kicking in fundamental drills other than patterns, the supporting leg may be bent for faster re-load and kick again, some more.

Thrust with the flat fingertip.
Load and delivery of outward pressing kick.

* Consecutive kicks - side front snap kick, back piercing kick, turning hook kick.
* Side front snap kick, without setting down, 180 back kick.
Mid-air kicks should jump and land in the same place. When the back leg kicks you will land in the opposite stance.
Mid-air kicks can also move forward or backward. One stance length when demonstrating.
* Back leg kicking mid-air side front snap kick, land, front leg middle twist kick.
Senior Master Martin exclaimed that there were just a few people who were using all the air, and explained how we should share the air . . . then leading by example he shared his air conditioned air with us when he turned on the swamp cooler!
According to age, rank, and ability - back leg mid-air kicks continue with:
* Mid-air side turning kick.
* Mid-air side piercing kick.
* Mid-air hook kick.

Mid-air, back leg kicking.
Always jump-change with knees up!
Mid-air hook kick.
Everyone got their chance to work on jump kicks.

Senior Master Martin stopped, waved around the do-jang, and said "Black Belts, why do we do this?"
"To form and nurture the brotherhood, to train our bodies together so our Taekwon-Do is the same. To keep together like a team, all alike, mostly for brotherhood."

Patterns by count -
Notice stance length, it's possible that even though it is correct, the punch is not vertical from the front toes. So, also notice how the front knee is bent, which affects the length of reach, and weight distribution. Notice posture, and do not lean in one direction or another.

Patterns one group at a time -

* Hwa-Rang (4)
Two turning kicks and gurading block are in fast motion, but do not give up balance and fall out of the kicks. Balance recovery each time, then set down.
* Tong-Il (4)
* Choong-Moo (6)
For the 2 side kicks, retract each kick fully for balance recovery, avoid falling out of the kicks. From fixed stance, U-shaped block, jump spin around, execute the block! Drill over and over.
* Se-Jong (3)
* Ge-Baek (3), Po-Eun (1), Yul-Gok (1)
* Yon-Gae (4)
* Choong-Jang (1)
* Choi-Yong (2)

2nd Gups ---- Hwa-Rang
6th - 7th - 8th Dans ---- Tong-Il
Tong - Il
1st Gups --- Choong-Moo
5th Dans ---- Se-Jong.
1st Dans ---- Gae-Baek
2nd Dan ---- Choong-Jang
3rd Dans ---- Choi-Yong

Mat Chat:
July 1 is the next Black Belt class, This is changed from what we talked about in class - mark your calendars!.
July 14 is the next Black Belt / Color Belt test, in Sheridan, at the Sheridan County YMCA, Gym 1.
Senior Master Martin said it is a powerful thing we do here. The quality, keeping together. We have the responsiblilty to keep and teach Taekwon-Do as General choi Hong Hi wanted it. It is mandated in the encyclopedia that we do that. To do this we have the 15-volume set. Especially the 1st generation, those who saw and trained with General Choi to see how Taekwon-Do is done. We must keep close to the way he wanted Taekwon-Do to be.
Senior Master Martin thanked Master Griffin and Mr. Hick for coming to Black Belt class. Master Griffin stated he had trained all over the U. S. and even though different instructors have different methods and ideas, Taekwon-Do technique is the same.

There were presentations -

Miss Gandy - II Dan certificate
Mr. Spann -
Class C Referee certification
Mr Flynn, Mrs. Connell, Mrs. Rosenof - leadership/service awards
Miss Gandy and Mr. Robinson -
Class B Referee certifications
Mr. Paulley - leadership/service award
Mr.Nelson leadership/service award


June 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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