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July 1, 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Senior Master Martin opened class, and asked Mr. Johnson to say a few words about World Camp, which took place last week (June 24-28) in Estes Park, Colorado.
Then he asked Mr. Giese to step forward, as he would be teaching class today.
Mr. Giese said he would be showing us several ways to get out of a headlock (side to side headlock, on the ground).
First some ground rules - Safety is always a concern because you may not know the pain tolerance of others, or the mobility of their joints. Some ways to signal your partner that the technique is working -
* tap self.
* tap partner.
* say "tap tap".
* yell "ow!" (not preferred, but that still means stop).
* a gurgling sound when choking.
A few training notes:
* There should be a light resistance when you're training.
* It's dumb to get yourself into a headlock, it's dumber to put someone else into a headlock. We were shown several ways to counter a headlock, with time to practice each one

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
The Gable Grip
Use the outer forearm

to 'roll' into the neck

and force opponent away.

Mr. Giese demonstrated a basic escape from the headlock by turning to your side, gripping your hands together with thumbs tucked in, making a 'frame' with your arms, and attacking your opponent at the neck. After the initial sequence, which ended with the attacker on the wrong end of an armbar and leg choke, Mr. Giese showed some alternate techniques. These techniques addressed the "what-if" scenarios, such as "What if the attacker tucks his head in tight and you can't apply pressure to his neck?" Or "What if the attacker is in a fetal position so you can't reach over his leg with yours?"

These techniques don't lend themselves to a quick version on this page - you had to be there to really take this in, and get the additional help from Mr. Giese when something didn't quite work for you. (hint - come to Black Belt class!)

Here are a few pictures of what we worked on . . .

Get to "base" for strength and control.
When applying pressure, be sure to listen for opponent's tap-out.
Sr. Master Martin & Mr. Johnson catch their breath while Mr. Sisco & Mr. Thompson work.
Mr. McDill defending
agianst Mr. Ostrander

If you can turn your attacker's head it will make him weaker. Try this exercise to see - hold your arms out straight, and have your partner try to push your arms down. Now turn your head and have your partner try again.

Head straight - strong arms
Head to the side - weakness
Tuck in tight, leave your
opponent no gaps.

There were comments from the senior Black Belts that this was a "Rice Krispie" class, as in snap - crackle - pop from shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and backs!

Mat Chat: Mr. Sisco reminded everyone of the testing in Sheridan on the 14th, starting at 10:00 a.m. and asked that everyone be there no later than 9:30 - that means dressed and on the floor. This includes Black Belts and Instrucors, so that we can seat the Test Board, and start the test on time.

July 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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