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April 1, 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's


We had an excellent surprise instructor for black belt class today. Mr. Johnson stepped in for Senior Master Martin, who was with his family for the weekend. We had two guests in class as well. Master Joe Bosse, and Mr. Ted Hick from Colorado.

We started class by talking about findyourzone.tv , which is a website that has instructional videos on it. From there we started warming up. We started with standard warm-ups and then started working on posture. Mr. Johnson talked about how incorrect posture can affect techniques. We then moved onto kicks up and down the floor, starting with consecutive front kick turning kick.

Mr. Johnson then talked about the training secrets of TaeKwon-Do. He then paired us up for 3-step sparring, while discussing the importance of balance, posture, tools, and vital spots.

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Mr. Johnson taught class.
Working on 3-step sparring . . . there's a lot to keep in mind!
Watch your posture, be careful not to lose your balance trying to reach the target.

We did step sparring for about 5 minutes, then lined back up. Mr. Johnson then continued his lecture on the training secrets of TaeKwon-Do. We continued to work on hand and foot techniques up and down the floor. Some of which included inward downward kick, skip side front kick, consecutive step hook kick - side turning kick, and sliding side front snap kick.

Hand techniques down the floor.
And foot techniques.
spotlight on Master Bosse

We transferred to focus pad training with partners using sliding kicks. Mr. Johnson asked "Do you trust your partner?" talking about what it truly means when we bow to each other. We then started 2-step sparring. We discussed the difference between an inside and an outside block. Mr. Johnson then asked "True or false, Step-sparring should look like patterns?" After talking about balance, control, power, and speed and briefly talking about tournament competition we broke for water.

Have trust in your partner.
Nice lift on standing kick . . . work on tuck in the air.
more pad work
2- step sparring.

After our water break we split into three groups to do flying kicks on the bags until the end of class. Some of the kicks included twin side piercing kick, 1 and 2 targets, flying twin foot front snap kick, 1 and 2 targets, flyling front snap kick turning kick combination kicking, flying and midair 360 back piercing kick, split kicks for the black belts and a passing side piercing kick for the red belts. Mr. Johnson then lined us back up and we performed cool down stretches.

Flying twin foot side piercing kicks
Everybody did well, working hard on good technique
Combination kicks . . . and . . . mid-air 360 back kick
Two-direction kicks . . . good tuck is important! . . . . . and a nice cool-down and stretch

Thank you Mr. McDill for writing the review, and providing photos!

April 2012 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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