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October 2, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

A little warm-up was all that was needed due to such a warm day...
Senior Master Martin reminded us that etiquette should be practiced at the highest level. Instructors sometimes waive some etiquette when answering questions for economy of time. We were asked to do better. It is embarassing to not behave according to etiquette; the higher the rank, the more embarassing. Senior Master Martin stated that he loved being a student, and Grand Master Winegar could make even an VIII Dan feel like a white belt!
If an instructor has given permission to answer from your stance or position, it means (unless stated otherwise) at that time only. It doesn't carry over to the next situation or class.

R. leg back L-stance, working on kicks:
Step side piercing kick - we were cautioned to start easy, then add speed and power as we warmed up.
From L-stance, turning kick - the heel is to be lifted higher than the knee, and remain higher all the way through the kick. Keep the hands up and control them. Senior Master Martin demonstrated with slight reaction force with the arms.
Outward pressing kick - legs lock, target is the thigh.
Inward pressing kick - the legs do not lock, but stay slightly bent, similar target and level as outward.
Sweeping kick, step outward vertical.
Sweeping kick, step hook kick.
Middle twist kick, step side piercing kick.
High kick, note that the foot position is not the same as front snap kick (foot pointed, toes back), as it is impossible to get your knee behind your shoulder where it would need to be for proper delivery. Rather, flex the foot, bring the knee towards the chest and deliver the kick upward.
Side front snap kick, 180 back kick without setting down. Note to high red belts - work on this one, as you will get to perform this at your I DanTest.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
High kicks, turning kicks ... use the current 2009 version of the book as a reference guide
after you've learned the pattern, not instead of an instructor.

In patterns certain kicks are required to contact the palm (after a horizontal strike with the backhand), as in Yoo-Sin with a crescent kick, where the tool is side sole. Senior Grand Master Sereff likes to hear an audible 'smack' on that technique. Note that the hand must maintain its position in space for the kick, and not waver or drop down.
In pattern Tong-Il movements 8 & 10 require contact with the extended palm (after high outward strike with the backhand), with an inward vertical kick, where the tool is the reverse footsword. At the 'A' Instructor's Course the question was asked how to make the loud smack using that tool. Grand Master Winegar answered that it won't be as loud as with a crescent kick.
Be sure to pay attention to the words and proper tool. Senior Master Martin asked how many use the blue Patterns Book and Encyclopedia when training. Nearly all hands went up; he was pleased, and he encouraged us all to use those sources. However he advised us not to use them to learn a pattern on our own. Your Instructor will teach you. Use the publications to train in the absence of your Instructor. Do NOT use them to correct your Instructor. That would certainly be a breach of etiquette.
The blue book has been revised, researched and corrected and is the best source for movements and directions. The 2009 version is the most recent and accurate. The Encyclopedia also has pictures of techniques, stepping diagrams, intermediate hand position, and applications. Interpretations of technique and any corrections are done only by Senior Grand Master Sereff, USTF President, and Grand Master Winegar, USTF Director of Technique, who will at times ask for input from the Master Instructors.
Notes from past seminars and courses have helped Senior Master Martin with that very input. At the recent 'A' Course when Senior Master Martin gave comments to help with interpretations of technique Grand Master Winegar asked how can you remember those dates - Senior Master Martin answered it was a course with the General, and was also his VI Dan testing, so it was an important date for him.

We took a water break, and came back with partners...
Senior Master Martin, with assistance from Mr. Sisco & Mr. McDill, taught and reviewed a 10-step Ho Sin Sul 'pattern' of wrist locks that came from Master Hannon's course. This starts with a straight grab to the wrist.
Note: When you're the practice partner, if it's working, tap out. If you are applying the locks, release right away from the tap. If you need to use these on the street, use them the same way - reward system, with a slight release when it works, keep control, reapply only if necessary. If you apply these with no release, the subject may do anything to break the pain, and as a result hurt themselves and/or you.

Basic straight grab...

#2 bend attacker's elbow.

#3 reach under...
#3 then up...
#3 apply the lock.
#4 bent wrist...
#4 apply close to the ribs
#5 straighten the wrist, keep tension, push the elbow up.
transition #5 to #6...
#6 tuck the elbow down,
keeping torque on the wrist.
#6 secure the lock with opposite hand.
#7 turn the wrist around...
#7 doesn't need much pressure to work.
transition to #8
#8 set-up
#8 apply the lock.
#9 wrap from underneath...
#9 apply the lock
#10 side view
Be sure to practice both partners, both sides.

Senior Master Martin asked IV Dans through VIII Dans who attended the 'A' Instructors Course at Headquarters to review information learned for their respective patterns.
We broke into groups for that, and all worked with others of same or similar rank.

IV Dans
I Dans with Mrs. McDill
Mr. McDill & new students
Red Belts working on step-sparring

Mat Chat:
Mrs. Rosenof was presented with her IV Degree Black Belt Certificate...Congratulations!
Master Dubbeld presented Senior Master Martin with a set of three beautiful Oriental paintings that one of his students, Ellen Aston, had painted. There was significance to each one, which was described on the back.
Senior Master Martin told us he has put his name in the hat for the upcoming election for President of the USTF. He explained why he is interested in taking on that position, and noted that he will be asking some of his senior Black Belts for help 'campaigning' for the seat. Masters and USTF Officers will be voting - not the general membership of the USTF. Master Todd from Nebraska is also running.
Upcoming events:
October 16 - Master's Promotion in Colorado. Masters Strouse, Swan and Steadman will be promoted to Senior Master, VIII Dan.
October 16 - Senior Grand Master Sereff's Fall Championships. Instructors, please support this tournament, encourage your students to attend and participate.
October 29 - Wyoming Color Belt Test in Sheridan, followed by Black Belt Class (this replaces November Black Belt class).
November 5 - Utah State Championships.
November 12 - Referee Course at Headquarters.
December 4 - Wyoming Black Belt Class in Casper.
Maintenance fees will be due early 2012; any memberships paid after October 1 of this year will carry over and be valid memberships for 2012.
We have two new Black Belt students who have joined Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do - a warm welcome to Mr. Tanner and Mr. Kamber!

Mrs. Rosenof, IV Dan
The paintings...
Click to see the full text.
Senior Master Martin is a candidate for President of the USTF
Mr. Tanner & Mr. Kamber have become students at Martin's TKD
Mr. Sisco lining out the schedule for the next few months.

October 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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