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November Wyoming Black Belt Class
October 29, 2011 at Sheridan TaeKwon-Do Club

The November Black Belt Class followed the Color Belt Testing in Sheridan...
Senior Master Martin welcomed the new red belts to Black Belt Class. Seven tested from high blue to red belt, and six attended their first Black Belt Class. Senior Master Martin congratulated them on their test and on making another class. Forty students tested for new rank with three from Casper to make up the test within a week.
Assistant Instructors were encouraged to help their Instructors. Instructors, part of your responsibilities are to develop students into assistants and possibly eventually Instructors.
We began warming up with leg raises, then back the other way, and walking stance/punch. Then L-stance 1-2 punch. Be sure to pivot with the 2-punch to full facing in order to hit the same target with power.
Spin L-stance, high side strike with the backfist, 2-punch, side strike with the knife-hand, maintaining L-stance.

Senior Master Martin told us we have different generations of people we communicate with.
The traditionalists - work every day, earn rewards over a long period of time. Strong ethical and moral values.
Baby boomers - holding on to the ethical and moral values, work and earn paid vacations, prefer face to face communications.
Generation X - want instant gratification, want to collect rewards right away and move on, want to know how their job (company) will help them, what's in it for me, prefer email, texting, everything faster.
Y Generation - don't know much about them yet!

Back to kicking: Side front snap kick, double side turning kick combination. Turn around, this time pivot on the front leg, next time the back leg, turn clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Senior Master Martin had us turn around with stepping added in. Note: pay attention to your body, how you move, how you step, where you end up!
Walking stance, circular block with the inner forearm. Bending ready stance A - side piercing kick, set down guarding block with outer forearm.
Double step backward, turn inward, walking stance reverse punch to C.
L-stance, twin block with the knife-hands. Cross with the side block (front hand) on the inside.
Twin block with knife-hand, inward strike with knife-hand, reverse punch, all from L-stance. Create sine wave with knee spring. The inward strike is at chest line.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Side front snap kicks
Inward strike - chest line.
Senior Master Martin checking out the hook kicks...

Step hook kick. The apex is just before the target. Pivot with the step to set up for this kick (economy of motion). Senior Master Martin discussed and demonstrated the delivery of this kick. It must involve the hip along with the foot. Pull the hip and heel through the target. Now, hook kick, turning kick consecutive.

Hook kick, use the hip...
target is just past the apex of the kick.
Don't stop the kick partway through.
When you lift for this kick, lift from the hip, not just the leg, then pull clear through the target with the hip and leg.

Vertical kick. Hit in a straight line, use the foot sword tool.
L-stance, thrust with the flat fingertip, middle twist kick, guarding block. The ball of the foot should strike the target in a straight line. Watch foot position!

Joong-Gun: Students wearing blue were asked pattern info...
Ready stance? Close ready stance B.
Number of moves? 32.
Pattern diagram? Capital I.
Instructors, develop and cultivate blue and red belts that they should become helpful, and to help with their own mind as well. Instructors and assistants work together and rely on each other, working to improve the teaching of TaeKwon-Do. Strive to be better technically at our martial art. Do this and you will have a better appreciation of Martial Arts. We must know and teach "how" and "what" for every technique.
Repeat Joong-Gun with attention on accuracy. Senior Master Martin liked what he saw!

L-stance, double step, downward kick, one-two punch. Then the other side.
Jump to X-stance, pressing block with the X-fist. The leg that's back, the same side hand is on top (on inside for checking block).
The General said it doesn't matter which hand is top but Senior Grand Master Sereff would like USTF students to perform it this way for uniformity.

The leg that's back, that hand is on top.
We might need some work on that...

Any two consecutive kicks in 2 directions... describe consecutive kicks: different kicks in the same direction, or the same or different kicks in different directions (same leg, don't set down between kicks).

Contratulations to Mrs. Eckert for calling the test today. Senior Master Martin described the way it used to be when Senior Grand Master Sereff, as head of the test board, would lay out several things to do at once - this was difficult at best for the test caller.

List the six factors in the theory of power:
Reaction Force, Concentration, Breath Control, Equilibrium, Speed, Mass.
Use these as you train. Senior Master Martin was glad to see the class already doing this, and said "Hats off to Instructors!" Also, be sure to use the proper tools and angles of attack.

Three consecutive kicks, and we played more of the pivot and turn game.

Patterns by count: Toi-Gye, Hwa-Rang, Choong-Moo, Po-Eun, Eui-Am, Yoo-Sin, Moon-Moo (with gray comes wisdom!), So-San, Tong-Il.
Senior Master Martin quizzed all the students on the names of their techniques. Many V Dans were still learning their pattern...it looked like the stagger or ripple in team patterns. There are enough V Dans to make a strong team!

The whole class did a pattern by count, each rank working on their own pattern.
Senior Master Martin worked with each group, quizzing on technical information and correcting mistakes.

Each group then did their pattern for the class. Senior Master Martin joined the VI Dans for Tong-Il. "It feels good to be training along side your instructor!"

Senior Master Martin and VI Dans, pattern Tong-Il
V Dans, pattern So-San
IV Dans, pattern Moon-Moo
III Dans, pattern Yoo-Sin
II Dan, pattern Eu-Am
I Dans, pattern Po-Eun
1st Gup, pattern Choong-Moo
2nd Gup, pattern Hwa-Rang
new 2nd Gups, pattern Toi-Gye

New red belts were again welcomed to Black Belt Class. Senior Master Martin wants all red belts to attend Black Belt Class! The next one is December 4th at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do.
Senior Master Martin said Wyoming TaeKwon-Do is the best in the USA... hard work and good souls.
He thanked us for support, help, and development. Safe drive home; be careful.

November 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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