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May 1, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Today was another workshop on officiating duties, getting ready for the USTF International Tournament coming up in June.

We started out with patterns, as it seemed that event needed the most work for us to become faster at scoring.The floor was already marked with tape for a ring, and we set up the table and chairs right away for a patterns ring with Jury and Judges:

judge 5
judge 4
judge 3
center ref
judge 2
judge 1

Patterns Ring

Red competitor
Blue competitor


Most everything we covered was the same as what we did the past two Black Belt Classes:

One thing that came up: In patterns, if after writing down all your scores for the two competitors, you have the same total, you must still declare a winner on your scorecard. There can be no 'split' as there would be in sparring. You must, as a judge, declare a winner on your card.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Red Belt volunteers
1st set of Judges/Jury
Designated Pattern Do-San
Making sure we've got it right.

Red Belts again acted as competitors; they got practice at patterns and sparring, while the Black Belts got practice officiating. We rotated into different positions every few rounds so that everyone got a chance to play different roles - jury, judge, scorekeeper, and also timer for sparring rounds.

Be sure to fill out your scorecards completely: ring number, seat number, competitor numbers, your name and rank. And don't forget to put down the scores!

A few more patterns...
and it was on to sparring...
Red Belts at it again!

The Center Referee needs to conduct an equipment check of the whole bracket before the matches start, but should do a quick re-check at the start of each round.
Judges, be sure to write down sparring points as numbers (1,2,3) rather than hash marks so that even if it's in the wrong spot you'll know what the point was. A neat scorecard is not the sign of a good judge!

We came across a situation that required clarification from the rule book:
One fighter was injured (bloody nose). To create a learning situation, we declared the injured fighter unable to continue. We determined that the center referee would stop time and, if necessary, confer with the corner judges. At this time we determined that the center would go to each judge individually to get their brief opinion of the incident. The reason for this is so that the corners could remain as ring guards, and so that the center could get the opinion of each judge without the influence of any other judge. If the center does call the judges in for a conference, judges should leave their scorecards at their seats so as to avoid the appearance of a conspiracy. In this case it was determined that there was no foul. Even though time had not expired, the injured fighter, unable to continue, had to withdraw. In a case such as this, the scorecards need to be filled out and collected for that round, the other fighter is declared the winner, and advances in the bracket. Refer to USTF Rule Book page 32.

We were out of time, and still needed to take care of a little business:
Mat Chat - Upcoming events:
May 14 - Axe TKD Tournament, Belleview, NE
May 14 - USTF Tournament, Rifle, CO
May 14 - Utah Tournament, Salt Lake City, UT
May 21/22 - Class C Instructor's Course, Broomfield, CO
June 5 - Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
June 13 - Deadline for Black Belt registration for Internationals
June 24 - Weigh-in for Black Belts at Sereff Taekwon-Do
June 25/26 - USTF International Championships, Broomfield, CO
July - No Wyoming Black Belt Class, as it is 4th of July weekend
July 15/16/17 - Wyoming Camp, Beartrap Meadow, Casper Mountain
July 16 - Wyoming Black Belt/Color Belt Test at Camp
August 6/7/8 - Utah Camp
August 7 - Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
August 13 - Advanced Ground Tactics Course with Major Hannon
Autust 20 - HoSinSul Course in Salt Lake City with Major Hannon
September 17 - Wyoming Invitational Tournament, Casper Rec Center
October 16 - Sereff Fall Championships
November 5 - Utah State Championships

We had one last vote on warm-up suits, and order forms will be sent to Head Instructors tomorrow. The completed orders need to be in by next week if we hope to have them in time for the June tournament.

At the start of class, Senior Master Martin had invited everyone to stay for a BBQ afterward. He had burgers and brats grilling before we bowed out! It's always fun to spend a little time with our Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters outside of formal class. Thank you Sir.

May 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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