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March 6, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

We lined up, bowed in and went through a brief warm-up. Class began with Senior Master Martin explaining why we were going to be working on judging patterns with the official Patterns Scoring Form. We need to be better at it! For this USTF International Championship, we in Region II, along with Missouri, Washington, and a few other states, will be called upon to be the driving force of Judges and Referees to put on our best showing of competence, fairness, and professionalism. Senior Master Martin believes this is the first of many International Tournaments to come, hosted by the USTF.

Group pattern, Hwa-Rang.

The floor was already marked with tape for a ring, and table and chairs set out, so we set up right away for a patterns ring with Jury and Judges:

judge 5
judge 4
judge 3
center ref
judge 2
judge 1

Patterns Ring

Red competitor
Blue competitor


Judges should print their name legibly on the form and write their ring number and judge seat. As pairs of competitors are brought into the ring, the judges should also write the Red and Blue competitor numbers for each round.
To save time, the entire bracket will bow in to the Jury first, and then to the judges. Red competitor will be on the Center Judge's right.

The competitors will bow to each other at the beginning and the end of each round. Designated pattern will be chosen by the panel. Optional pattern should be of the competitor's current rank. If a pattern is chosen lower than that, we agreed that the Center Referee (Judge) should direct the scorekeeper to find out why. If just tested, then when. This is all food for thought when scoring.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Jury and Judges
Scoresheets to the Jury
Everyone got in on the discussions.

Competitors - Be sure to know the diagram for your pattern and position your start to have appropriate amount of room to complete it. Better to move back before you start than to kick over the heads of the judges panel: prime example by Mr. Johnson and Senior Master Martin!
If you screw up your pattern always try to salvage it and finish! A completely blown and unfinished pattern scores a 0. A pause in the pattern between movements would be scored under rhythm

Judges and Jury are to have no contact with the competitors during this competition. No clapping, slapping or laughing.

There was a brief discussion about promoting or demoting students for the sake of competition. Senior Master Martin stated that was cheating and he believes the countries invited will play fair. He then said "We will keep our face honest and defend it against anyone".
There was discussion about color belts having considerable age or rank difference, and that it should be considered when scoring. We hold our higher ranks to a higher standard.

Senior Master Martin had a stopwatch on the judges and it was estimated to take over 2 minutes to score and turn in the scoring forms. We need to get it down to 20 or 30 seconds! Senior Master Martin suggested extracurricular training to practice with the scoring forms.

We swapped out officials more than once,
and had new competitors each time.
Then we got a treat . . .
Senior Master Martin and Mr. Johnson stepped into the ring and performed Tong-Il.

Mat Chat - Upcoming events:
March 19 - Black Belt Test, Broomfield, CO
March 26 - Maestas Team Challenge, Arvada, CO (this is a great opportunity to ref and compete)
April 2 - Grand Master Seminar by Grand Master Renee Sereff - contact Mr. Lance Edwards, Sterlington, LA 318-366-4981
April 3 - Wyoming Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
April TBA - Wyoming Color Belt Test, Rock Springs
May 1 - Wyoming Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
May 14 - Axe TKD Tournament, Belleview, NE
May 14 - USTF Tournament, Rifle, CO
May 14 - Utah Tournament, Salt Lake City, UT
May 21/22 - Class C Instructor's Course, Broomfield, CO
June 5 - Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
June 25/26 - USTF International Championships, Broomfield, CO
July TBA - Wyoming Black Belt Class
July 15/16/17 - Wyoming Camp, Beartrap Meadow, Casper Mountain
July 16 - Wyoming Black Belt/Color Belt Test at Camp
September 17 - Wyoming Invitational Tournament, Casper Rec Center

March 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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