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June 5, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Master Steadman lined up as senior student and bowed us in to Senior Master Martin for the June Black Belt class. Senior Master Martin began with answers to questions from the last Black Belt class:

* If a patterns competitor stops and returns to ready position without finishing the pattern, their score is zero for that pattern. Coachable moment - do your best to continue and to salvage your pattern!
* Can the Center Ref talk to the competitors? Yes. As in "keep the kicks up". But no coaching, only comments as necessary.
* If a competitor does an optional pattern of a lower rank - find out why. If they tested only weeks ago, then okay. Otherwise grade down for performing a lower rank pattern.
* Judges, if you add the patterns scores and they are tied, you must pick a winner. Make sure the scores reflect your choice.

We covered most points in the last three Black Belt Classes. For review of those classes, see:

Be sure to put all the required info on your scoresheets: ring number, competitior numbers, judge's name and rank, and seat number - and mark a winner.
Fill out the scorecards quickly.
In medal rounds the scores become more important, as that is the first tie-breaker for championships.

Coaching? Yes - Here is the latest from HQ:

  1. Two coaches per school per day.  These coaches will not be referees, only coaches.
  2. Coaches must be at least a Class C referee
  3. Coaches will be designated at the beginning of each day via written verification from the instructor.  Turn in to the tournament director.
  4. Coach dress;  school track suit or blue slacks, white shirt and track jacket
  5. Coach can not be a Master or above.
  6. Coaches have to be active members in good standing
  7. Only one coach per competitor per ring.

We do reserve the right to remove the coaching program. Coaches will have a short meeting prior to the beginning of the championship.  Please be there by 8:30am.

Friday: Weigh-in for Black Belts will be at Headquarters from 3 - 6 p.m. Bring your Do-Bok so that your competitor number can be attached at that time.

Saturday competition: Black Belt Patterns will go first, beginning with IV Dans. Color Belt tournament will follow BB Patterns.
We set up the ring for patterns competition practice:

judge 5
judge 4
judge 3
center ref
judge 2
judge 1

Patterns Ring

Red competitor
Blue competitor


We rotated judges and juries so that everyone could get some pracice, and improve skills and speed.
At the tournament the Juries will be comprised of a Jury President and two Jury Members, made up of Senior Black Belts, including Masters. The Jury President is the first to be seated, regardless of rank, then the Jury Members, and then the Judges may be seated.

Optional and Designated patterns will be scored equally, and the competitors are to be graded from the time they step into the ring until they return to ready stance.
Coachable moment: Master Steadman noted that a pattern looks very different from the judge's point of view than it does from the "inside", as you perform your pattern. Lower ranks should sit as judges to see patterns from the front and become familiar with that perspective, as an instructor sees. The brain too has 'muscle memory' and geographical perspective that may influence the scoring. You must be knowledgeable to score patterns fairly and justly. Seasoned judges are a great value for quality outcome.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Red Belt competitors, Black Belts on the panels.
Master Steadman coaching the judges & jury
Senior Master Martin making a point.
Then the red belts (plus Miss Gandy) got a chance to sit as judges for the Black Belts.

We broke down the patterns ring into a sparring ring for just a few rounds.

If there is blood during a sparring match be sure to follow bio-hazard protocol - you should avoid direct contact with blood from an injured fighter. Use rubber gloves and proper material to help the fighter and to clean up afterward. Thanks to Senior Master Martin for keeping all the required items on hand. At a tournament the EMTs would be the ones to handle any medical situation - the Center Referee wouldn't be called on to do that.

Sparring - all ranks got a chance to 'play' as well as officiate during the matches.

Senior Master Martin and the Head Instructors presented certificates and patches to those who certified at the recent Class C Instructors Course held at Headquarters. He noted that more than half the participants at the course were from Wyoming. Perhaps some time soon Grand Master Winegar will come here to teach the course!

Standing: Senior Master Martin, K.C. Gandy, Dalton Stack, Ryan Dalton, Lisa Popp, Rick Spann,
Mr. Flynn, Mike Hamilton, Mr. Sisco, Mr. Johnson. Kneeling: Cameron Smith, Ian Freire, Chase Popp.
Not pictured: Tom Munoz, Samara Ordahl.

Mat Chat - Black Belt Packets are due to Mr. Sisco to June 16. They need to be presented to your instructor in time for review and sign-off ahead of that.
Upcoming dates:
June 13 - Deadline for Black Belt registration for Internationals
June 24 - Weigh-in for Black Belts at Sereff Taekwon-Do
June 25/26 - USTF International Championships, Broomfield, CO
July - No Wyoming Black Belt Class, as it is 4th of July weekend
July 15/16/17 - Wyoming Camp, Beartrap Meadow, Casper Mountain
Note: The campsites are $5 per unit if purchased ahead of time, $7 if you wait until camp weekend. Contact Mr. Sisco to reserve your site.
July 16 - Wyoming Black Belt/Color Belt Test at Camp
August 7 - Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
August 13 - Advanced Ground Tactics Course with Major Hannon, Broomfield, CO
Autust 20 - HoSinSul Course in Salt Lake City with Major Hannon
September 17 - Wyoming Invitational Tournament, Casper Rec Center
Note: This tournament will be running a 'loser bracket' in color belt divisions this year so everyone is guaranteed at least two fights. (BB divisions also, time permitting)
October 16 - Sereff Fall Championships
June 24-29, 2012 - World Camp, Master Steadman noted that it will be at a different venue this time - camp will be held in Estes Park. They are excited to have our group there, and are bending over backward to help make our USTF camp the best one yet!

June 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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