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February 6, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

When Senior Master Martin opened class he was standing just inside the railing, at what used to be the back of the do-jang. We were all figuring out how to line up that way, and looking up at the letter D on the wall over his certificates and photos! Yes, he has turned the gym around permanently...just when you think you have the world figured out, you may find that you don't!
There are brand new heavy bags in the middle and at the front - no, the back of the gym. They are a great addition, and Senior Master Martin noted that they will be easier to keep clean with a spray & wipe down.

There were very few Black Belts but lots of 1st and 2nd Gups - way to go Red Belts! Some of those missing were attending the Class B Instructor's Course with Grand Master Winegar in Broomfield. We look forward to getting all the latest when they get back to their clubs.

Senior Master Martin led us in some quick warm-ups to open the class, and then he said "Shake out your legs 'cause we're gonna use them!"

We started out with the basics - 4 Direction Exercise. Senior Master Martin noted that overall, our walking stances are too wide. Remember that the stance is measured from the instep not the footsword, and the shoulder width is from the ball joint, not the outside of the shoulders. Also, keep track of the level of punches and blocks. The top of the technuqe needs to be at shoulder height.

Won-Hyo - Watch the angle of the feet in your L-stance, and avoid 'cupping' the foot; relax it. When moving from L-stance to fixed stance, it is only slightly longer, just the width of your foot. If you get too long in your fixed stance it's hard to move quickly out of it again.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Won-Hyo ------ working on L-stances

Then we worked on 4 Direction Thrust - Normally in an L-stance the front shoulder is slightly below the rear shoulder, but when executing the thrust to the rear, it's the opposite. The rear shoulder will be lower than the front shoulder by about an inch. Remember that the "slide" is 1 stance long.
(A "shift" should be about 1/2 stance long.)

All the Red Belts are encouraged to attend the Class C Course coming up later this spring. High Reds can certify. There's a good showing from Wyoming at the Class B Course going on now, and Senior Master Martin noted that they are getting to kick lots! He said that he would love to be there too but it's his birthday weekend plus he had Black Belt Class scheduled today, so he stayed home. Those courses & seminars that are put on throughtout the country are listed in our books as 'recommended' but Senior Master Martin is requiring them. Anything listed in our Syllabus books are minimum requirements, and instructors may have further requirements of their students.

He also noted that there is a Wyoming Black Belt/Color Belt test this July at Wyoming Camp (see mat chat below) so if you're due to test, check and make sure you are current on all your courses and certifications.

Patterns by count - each rank did their pattern, getting comments and corrections as we went:
Hwa-Rang: Move up to the punching fist on move #11 rather than bringing the fist towards you. That hand does not move in space.
Choong-Moo: Where you turn into bending ready stance A in move #6 be sure to LOOK before executing the stance, don't turn and execute in one stiff motion.
Yon-Gae: On checking block w/the twin straight forearm #25 & 32, keep the arms close to each other to defend against a single attack. Keep the fist at shoulder level on the downward strike w/the backfist #29 & 36, don't let it come too low.
Then each rank did their pattern for the group.

2nd Gups - Hwa-Rang
1st Gups - Choong-Moo
Mrs. Popp,new 1st Gup so didn't have Choong-Moo
I Dan - Kwang-Gae
II Dan - Eu-Am
IV Dans - Yon-Gae

After a water break, Senior Master Martin presented Mr. Stack with his certificate, and Mr. Paulley put the black stripe on his belt. Promoted to 1st Gup...well done sir!

Flying kicks on the heavy bags - kick of choice, we could do anything we liked, so there were people doing doubles or consecutive or combination kicks, twin foot, or two-direction kicks. It was great!

The class was divided into three groups for sparring, with one person taking on all of the others in their group (one at a time - it wasn't 4 or 5 on one!). Then someone else would be "it" and we'd go around again.

flying kicks on the heavy bags.
The red belts had two groups.
Everyone got a turn.
Senior Master Martin took first go at the Black Belts..
Mr. Connell & Mr. Thompson trading vertical kicks.
February 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class

Mat chat:
Senior Master Martin was thankful that Wyoming had a good group going down to the B Course. He noted that it is important to carry on USTF knowledge, and this is how it's done (courses at HQ, Black Belt classes). We are the first generation since the General, many of us have trained at his seminars, and we have the opportunity and the obligation to teach true Taekwon-Do.
Feb 19: Referee Course. Be at this course for training to referee at Internationals in June.
March 26: Maestas Team Challenge Tournament.
May 14-16: Class C Instructor's Course in Broomfield.
June: Internationals.
July 15-17: Summer Wyoming Camp and Black & Color Belt Test.
There are quite a few students at several clubs around the state that are training extra for the International Tournament coming up in June. The more the better! We need to continue to encourage our students to take advantage of this opportunity.

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