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December 4, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do

It was a cold snowy drive for the out-of-town Black and Red Belts today. Even with the bad weather, 30 people lined up to train!
Senior Master Martin started warm-ups with jumping jacks, I Dans counting, echo the count. Then rising kicks, Red Belts counting. Good job keeping the count!

* Front kick, front kick combination kicking.
* Back kick, step side piercing kick.
Balance recovery is very important in combination kicking... on back kick, see the target first, then execute the kick. Straighten up for balance recovery, don't lean any more than necessary to deliver the kick. It takes time to straighten up to regain your posture for the next technique.
* Crescent kick, step up middle twist kick, consecutive kicking. Crescent kick is for close attack, keep a bent leg all the way through the kick.
* Step up middle outward vertical kick, hook kick combination kicking.
* Hook kick, double back kick combination kicking. Work on recovery time. A long step between kicks takes more recovery time - set your kicking foot down quickly.
* Step, inward downward kick. Keep your hands up. Extend the ball of the foot, making opponent's nose the target.
There was some confusion on this kick, and Senior Master Martin noted that he doesn't want to be mistaken, so that a polite and courteous question of clarification is always welcome. Instructors strive to give clear directions but occasionally they don't come out that way. We should all be helpful to our Instructors in any way we can. This is not to gain notoriety for yourself. Always protect and hold your Instructor in highest regard. Never be disrespectful to your Instructor.
* Skip side piercing kick. Load fast, and you must load completley so the kick doesn't come from the floor.
* Spinning back fist, lead leg hook kick, side turning kick consecutive kicking.
The eyes must get there first to see your target and avoid a blind technique, then lead with the elbow to clear the opponent's block for your back fist strike.
* L-Stance low guarding block with the knife hand - always work on using the correct tool.
* Low block with the knife hand, mid-air 180 back fist strike, land in an L-Stance.
* Upward block with the palm, rear foot stance. This technique does not come from the rear on line C-D, it comes from the side. Both hands work, and make sure they stay closed during the prep, then the blocking hand opens just before impact.
* Fighting Stance, 1-2 punch. There's a difference between fighting stance and L-stance. You are more straight up and can move your feet faster; stepping and kicking.

* 4-Direction Thrust Exercise - The shoulder of the thrusting elbow should be 1 inch lower. This is an exception to the rule, as usually the (front) shoulder is lower in an L-Stance.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Vertical kick
Spinning back fist strike
See your target first!
4-Direction thrust

We all stepped to the side, then the 2nd Gups were called onto the floor - 7 of them - and asked to line up in a vertial line, according to seniority. Senior Master Martin noted that Mr. Nania was senior but was lined up in the middle. It's important to know your test date, or your Black Belt number. When you train with students from different schools you need to know where to line up. After adjusting the line-up, and staggering from their vertical line, the Red Belts performed Won-Hyo. Senior Master Martin spoke about the General's belief that we can all be doing the same TaeKwon-Do even though we train in different schools. (It's like KFC chicken, you can go anywhere in the world and it is the same.)
Some instructors might teach new patterns a little at a time, and some teach a pattern faster; that's okay; what's important is that we are learning the same outstanding technique, with knowledge of delivery and applications. Red Belts did Won-Hyo, then Hwa-Rang.
1st Gups were next (4), doing Choong-Moo.
I Dans (6), I Dans did Kwang-Gae.
II Dan (1) performed Eu-Am. Senior Master Martin spoke of goal-setting, and how it's important to set realistic goals, then be flexible, as they may change. Goals in life, or goals in TaeKwon-Do. Your life, family, career, or health may dictate that you revise your goals as you go.
III Dans (2), Sam-Il.
IV Dans (3), Yon-Gae.
V Dans (3), So-San.
VI Dans (2), and Senior Master Martin performed Tong-Il.

2nd Gups: Won-Hyo, then Hwa-Rang
1st Gups: Choong-Moo
I Dans: Kwang-Gae
II Dan: Eu-Am
III Dans: Sam-Il
IV Dans: Yon-Gae
V Dans: So-San
VI Dans and Senior Master Martin: Tong-Il

* Double front kicks.
* Crescent kick - side turning kick, consecutive kicks.
* Sweeping kick - high kick, same leg.
* Sweeping kick - back snap kick combination.
* Flying side kick, front leg kicks, one step. Don't cover too much ground with the step it will drive the power into the ground. Shorter step allows speed and power to deflect up for more height and a better load for the kick.
* Flying double side kick.
* 180 back kick, defensive or offensive uses.
* Mid- air hook kick (front leg). Three points when you use it to the head. If you're behind in sparring this could fix that in a hurry!

Check notes - which kick?
180 Back kick.
High target for these kicks.
Mid-air hook kick.
Mrs. Popp gave a history
of Choong-Moo.
Mr. Hamilton... congratulations..
Newly certified USTF
Mr. Paulley's birthday!

Mrs. Popp gave a history of Choong-Moo (Yi Sun Sin). She had done some research on Admiral Yi, and was very impressed with what she found. The short histories we learn from the syllabus book don't do justice to the people our patterns are named for.

Referee Certifications were presented: Mrs. Popp Mr. Popp Mr. Juan Freire. Miss Ordahl certified at the same USTF Referee Course, and received her patch and certificate at Sheridan Taekwon-Do class.

Mr. Hamilton received congratulations on reaching I Dan Black Belt, which was a long time coming because of injury, and was told he may now trim his uniform.

Upcoming dates:
January 8 - Black Belt Class
January 21 - Color Belt and Black Belt Test in Casper - Note new test fees:

10 gup to 9 gup $36.00
7 gup to 6 gup $60.00
4 gup to 3 gup $70.00
10 gup to 8 gup $50.00
6 gup to 5 gup $60.00
3 gup to 2 gup $80.00
8 gup to 7 gup $50.00
5 gup to 4 gup $70.00
2 gup to 1 gup $80.00

February 5 - Black Belt Class at Martin's Casper TaeKwon-Do.
February 18 - Basic HoSinSul Course in Broomfield, Master Hannon teaching, pre-register by Feb 15.

USTF maintenance fees are coming due for 2012; let your students know so they can plan ahead for that expense.


December 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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