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April 3, 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

When we bowed in today, the sparring ring was already taped onto the floor, the chairs and table were out, along with clipboards and scoresheets. At the last Black Belt Class we spent most of the day scoring patterns competition using the jury system. Senior Master Martin said tody we would spend most of the day on sparring, again practicing using the scoring system with juries. (Red Belts to spar, Black Belts to officiate).

Before getting started he spoke about the recent Maestas Team Challenge Tournament. Three Wyoming teams went down, along with several adult competitors. The teams did well, and Senior Master Martin's junior team came home with the Championship out of 21 teams! Not to be outdone his adults took first place among all the clubs. Wow! What a great performance!

As the sparring takes place today, Senior Master Martin pointed out that the pressure is on the officials today, not the fighters. The idea is to become more comfortable with the system - as we get more relaxed we can work quickly and confidently to accomplish our tasks well. First off, we had a quick review of rules and protocol from last month:
* The Jury does not have pencils, if corrections are needed, the corner judge will be called up to make the correction on that scoresheet.
* No friendly contact with the competitors, or clapping or comments - we are to be impartial judges.
* Red competitor always lines up on the Center Referee's right.
* As a competitor, if you win you need to check in with the scorekeeper of your ring to see that your number was advanced. Follow etiquette: shake your opponent's hand, then see the scorekeeper. Be sure to bow out of the ring.
* The corner judges bring their scorecards to the Center, he/she does not go to the corners to get them.
* Don't fold your cards - it will be quicker to have them already open for the jury.
* Be sure to fill out the cards completely - ring #, corner #, your name, etc. Write legibly!
* The Center Referee will not look at the cards, but will take them straight to the jury, hand them across, and give the tie-breaker choice.
* The bracket will line up and bow in to the jury, then the ring officials before the bracket begins (scorekeeper does this), then the ring officials go to their corners.
* Remember, we are doing everything we can to shorten the time it takes to declare the winner.

Sparring Ring


Corner Judge #4
Corner Judge #1
Blue Competitor
Red Competitor
Center Referee (facing the Jury table)
Corner Judge #3
Corner Judge #2

The first time through, it took 2:15 with one correction needed (one corner judge was called to the jury table to correct a card). That was from the end of the announcement of warnings/minus points until the referee got the result. By the end of the day we had that down to :47.
From the time the jury got the cards until the result was announced it was down to :22. Not too bad!

Some issues that came up:
* The Center will wait by the jury table for the result, then will go back to the fighters and call them up, bow them out, and then announce the winner and hold up the hand. This is different from the patterns competition where the Center will point and declare the winner.
* Scoring: Corners, be sure to write the number (1, 2 or 3) for points rather than making hash marks so that even if you write outside the box you will know what you wrote. Competitor numbers should go on the scorecards by Red or Blue so that there is no confusion. Also this will help if anything is contested later.
* Centers - do not pull the fighters in to shake hands after the match. Raise the winner's hand, then step back.
* There was a question as to whether the Center is allowed to communicate with the fighters, i.e.
"Keep the kicks up", or "Watch the contact". Yes, this is all right, but don't coach.
* Even though there is an equipment check for the bracket before starting, the Center should do another check before each fight. If there is a problem, say, no cup or no mouthguard, give the fighter a chance to correct it (run the next fight, then go back that one). If the fighter is still not ready, he will forfeit the match.

We reset the ring to a patterns ring:
* As before, the bracket will bow in to the Jury, then to the Judges.
* Red is still on the Center Referee's right, which is now the opposite side of the ring. The scorekeeper needs to position the competitors in the correct spot when they are called into the ring.
* Color belts will compete one pattern of their choice. Note: it should be their testing pattern. The scorekeeper will ask what pattern they are going to perform; if it is below their rank, the Center may ask why. Patterns below the competitor's current rank will be scored lower.

* Note: the competitors are bowed out before the winner is announced, just as in sparring.

Patterns Ring

judge 5
judge 4
judge 3
center ref
judge 2
judge 1

Patterns Ring

Red competitor
Blue competitor


Click on any picture to see a larger image.
The bracket bows in to the Jury, then the Judges..
The red belts worked hard.
Be sure to make it clear when announcing warnings or minus points.
Everyone got a chance to work different positions..
Red belts continued to compete.
Black Belts were trying to get results out faster.
Senior Master Martin and Mr. Sisco presented the new Class B Instructors their certificates and patches.
Well done Mr. Locke, Mrs. Rosenof, Mrs. McDill and Mr. McDill.

A great big thank you to our red belts for being International Competitors today!

Mat Chat - Senior Master Martin along with Mr. Sisco presented the new Class B Instructors with their certificates and patches. This was from the Class B Course in February - way to go 3rd Dans!
* We all looked over the team warm-up suits that Mrs. Connell and Mrs. Rosenof had found from different suppliers. Prices were from $50 to $55 without embroidery; the Wyoming bucking horse stitched on will cost another $23 or so. It was voted on that we will go with two-tone (black & white) suits, and we'll get the Wyoming bucking bronc & cowboy embroidered on the back. Club patches can go on the front. Senior Master Martin offered to give the Casper patches to his students for their jackets. Mrs. Connell and Mrs. Rosenof will get best available prices on the suits, and let everyone know the cost and ordering information.
* Upcoming events:
April 16 - Wyoming Color Belt Test, Rock Springs Rec Center
Head instructors please let Mr. Sisco and Mr. Flynn how many you have testing, and their ranks, so that we can plan for numbers of people, and for boards.
May 1 - Wyoming Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
May 14 - Axe TKD Tournament, Belleview, NE
May 14 - USTF Tournament, Rifle, CO
May 14 - Utah Tournament, Salt Lake City, UT
May 21/22 - Class C Instructor's Course in Broomfield. This is a required course for I Dan Black Belt.
June 5 - Black Belt Class, Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do
June 25/26 - USTF International Championships, Broomfield, CO
No Black Belt Class in July - see you all at camp!
July 15/16/17 - Wyoming Camp, Beartrap Meadow, Casper Mountain
This will be the same as it was in 2009, with reservations for a campsite $5/night if you make reservations early, or $7/night if you pay on the day you're camping. Mr. Sisco will get all the details for Wyoming Camp to head instructors soon, so that plans can be finalized.
July 16 - Wyoming Black Belt/Color Belt Test at Camp
August 6 - Wyoming Black Belt Class
September 17 - Wyoming Invitational Tournament, Casper Rec Center

April 2011 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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