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October 3, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

We lined up, bowed in to Senior Master Martin, and he led us in 15 minutes of warm-ups.
We then started with half-speed turning kicks in place, retract the kicks.
Make sure the hands come forward with the kicks; don't flail. Besides control, this is for reaction force, and mass.

Skip side kicks. . . into jump/slide in an L-stance to tighten the floor - it worked!

Back piercing kicks in place: train with acceleration, the leg needs to extend and straighten, then instantly relax and retract. Train this way because you will perform just as you practice - if you practice without that acceleration it won't be there when you need it.

L-stance, 1-2 punch: when you're hitting an opponent, make contact NOT at full extension, but when you still have something left in the punch, so that full extention takes your tool into and through the target. Then we did back kicks in combination.

Outward pressing kick: the supporting foot is sideways rather than turned away from a target as in a side kick.
Inward pressing kick: tool on both kicks is the footsword.
Outward / inward pressing kicks in combination.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Back kick
Outward pressing kick
Vertical kicks

In place kicking - hook kick, front leg, then combination front leg, back leg.
Combination inward vertical, then reverse outward vertical.
When doing step hook kick, think about how you are stepping: foot to foot, or . . .
step behind to set up the kick, or step in front to cover more distance, also to have better vision of your opponent. Be careful not to come full facing as you step or you will become a target-rich environment.

Working with partners
Step behind
Be within "hand range"
so that your kick . . .
will reach your opponent.

Kicking in rows: step hook kick, reverse hook kick, skip hook kick, then set down and turn around.
Then the columns faced each other, bowed in and became targets for partners - hook kick.
Be sure to deliver the kick in a slight arc so as to come down on the target. Double step hook kick, follow through the target - lift the kick and kick with accuracy. Then step hook kick, stepping behind.
To determine whether to step in front or behind, 'read' your opponent - it depends on distance and direction. They'll be moving, that will dictate your stepping pattern.
Hook kick should be delivered from 'in hand' range or just outside, it is a close technique.

Load, lift, extend, accelerate, and hook across the target. The apex of the kick is just before the target. Leaning away takes your kick away from the taget and causes loss of balance. Keep your upper body up and kick with balance.

Reverse hook kick - 5 each leg, both partners. Then lead leg mid-air hook kick, then 180 reverse hook kick. Mrs. Willcox demonstrated this kick against Senior Master Martin, with tuck - do it like that!

Mrs. Willcox
Mr. Flynn

Patterns by count - by rank: VI Dan: Tong-Il, V Dan: So-San, IV Dan: Moon-Moo & Ul-Ji, III Dan: Yoo-Sin, II Dan: Eu-Am, I Dan and Red Belts: Kwang-Gae, Choong-Moo & Hwa-Rang.
Then the I Dans and Red Belts did their patterns by count, each with a senior Black Belt giving individual instruction.

VI Dans: Tong-Il
V Dans: So-San
IV Dans: Moon-Moo & Ul-Ji
III Dans: Yoo-Sin
Checking on technique
II Dan: Eu-Am
I Dans and Red Belts getting individual instruction from the senior Black Belts
I Dans: Kwang-Gae & Gae-Baek
1st Gups: Choong-Moo
2nd Gups: Hwa-Rang

Mat Chat: Senior Master Martin - attendence is better but there are still people missing who should be here. Mr. Paulley - presented a uniform with I Dan trim to Mr. Gay.
Then everyone had a champagne toast (or soda pop toast) to Mr. Roland Flynn who got married in Hawaii on the north shore in a traditional Hawaiian ceremony.
Senior Master Martin will be going to Utah November 30 for a testing and promotion: Mr. Dubbeld to VII Dan, Master Instructor and Mr Riley to VI Dan.
Everyone is encouraged to go to Grand Master Sereff's Fall Championships on October 17.
Saturday training for Internationals continues at Master Martin's but attendance has been low. Sr. Master Martin encouraged anyone interested to train! He noted that the competition at the June tournament will be at a higher level, with a lot more competitors, than at the last 3 or 4 Nationals.
No Black Belt Class in November.
Be sure to plan now for upcoming events next year: Referee Course in February - you need to have this course if you are going to officiate at the International Tournament. This course will cover the jury system. In March Grand Master Sereff will promote Sr. Master Sereff and Sr. Master DeBaca to the rank of Grand Master.

Congratulations, Mr. Gay
Popping the champagne . . .
. . . a toast to Mr. Flynn

October 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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