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May 2, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Senior Master Martin waited a few moments for Mr. Johnson to bow him onto the floor. When that was completed Mr. Johnson did pushups for the delay in etiquette. Many students joined Mr. Johnson by dropping and givin’ up 10 as well. Senior Master Martin was bowed in to begin class by Mr. Bill Dubbeld the senior VI Dan on the floor.
We were directed up and down the floor, punching from L stance then kicking too;
Low twist kick, outward strike with the knife hand, 2 punch spring style. Becoming full facing at the moment of the punch then returning to guarding block and L stance.
Pivot on the front leg: Inward vertical kick with the reverse foot sword, high side strike with the back fist, 2 punch.
Pivot on the front foot: (it was noticed at this time how poor most of the stances were while Senior Master Martin was teaching.) Spin back fist, lead leg side pierce kick.
Double step to the side rear, step hook kick.

Double step to the side front, high turning kick.
Middle back piercing kick, step hook kick, 1-2 punch.
Lead leg side push kick,
Rear leg pressing kick, keep your guard up.
Inward pressing kick.
High kick in place, knee up first and toes back.
Middle twist kick, knee must be bent to start the kick and still bent some at the moment of the kick.
Stamping kick to D in an L stance, come a little past the C/D line and stamp with the side sole across the instep of the opponent.
Outward downward kick to A/D and B/D.
Inward downward kick to the C/D line.

Baro; Right 4-Direction thrust. The side elbow is the tool
Left 4-Direction thrust. The side elbow is the tool.
Hwa-Rang: step to sitting stance in a stamping motion. W shape block uses the outer forearm as the tool. Step to D and repeat; elbows slightly lower than shoulders with the blocking tool as high as the temple. Be sure the outsides of your feet are parallel while in sitting stance, grip the floor, look at your feet, and make sure.
Step to D foot to foot then sitting stance in a stamping motion and execute a W shape block with the outer forearm, the body needs to reposition to full face to begin the block with foot up as high as the knee and slightly extended.
Pivot on the front foot L stance to C, high side strike with the backfist
Low stance, pressing block with the palms, performed as a reverse block
Red belt means: target. Mr. Dalton Stack sited the other meaning of the color red.
Senior Master Martin was really happy to have 3 rows of red belts!
Pressing block, the lower arm is mostly straight and the tool at chest line, perform in a slow motion, with slow being slower than regular speed. It is not a balance and showing off act. Hands are closed until the moment of the block.
Senior Master Martin demonstrated several hand techniques explaining closed and open.
Step to Walking stance in a stamping motion, high vertical punch with the twin fist.
Turning, upward block with the twin palms, walking stance.
Spot turn, rising block with the outer fore-arms.

Break for water.
Group pattern of choice by Senior Master Martin’s count.
Note to red belts to know your testing date and black belts to know BB# so it can be possible to line up according to rank and seniority. It is proper etiquette to know your place.
Juniors please watch out for your Instructor, take great care of your Instructor. Use your own intelligence when a technique is described. Your instructor would never intend to say a technique incorrectly. Sometimes words and the demonstration accompanying it are different. Watch out for your Instructor, take care of them and do it respectfully.
Group Pattern by rank:
Red Belts, Hwa-Rang; A different interpretation of Hwa-Rang by this group. The timing was pretty good, some stepping diagram problems. Note the pattern diagram for clues in stepping.
Very good Job!
High Red Belts and Choong-Moo
Senior Master Martin commented that if any student has medical concerns they must inform their Instructor. Each student is expected to be responsible about their own health, and do not be lazy about it.
“Keep training hard. It looks like more fun for you today than last week testing.”… Directed to the red belts, “Yes Sir. Yes Sir,” was the report from the not yet promoted 1st gups.
II dan’s with Choong-Jang; Looked really good

2nd Gups: Hwa-Rang
1st Gups: Choong-Moo
II Dans: Choong-Jang

III dan’s Choi-Yong; Rusty a bit, be sure to train and attend Black Belt Classes.
IV dan’s Ul-Ji; (didn’t look very good)
V dan’s  Se-Jong; There was clapping.

III Dans: Choi-Yong
IV Dans: Ul-Ji
V Dans: Se-Jong

Line up and back up for a mat chat. Senior Master Martin’s comments:
Have all your students sign a release form. Medical issues listed for knowledge and record.
Commendations to all the people who tested for Black belt levels. They have continued through serious medical issues. Disease has taken healthy people and made their life a struggle. We are experiencing things that are keeping us from doing things due to injury and age or disease. The body is not as sound and sharp, but the mind, says yes, go! Keep training for your school's sake and for your own sake. Everything is great until your health goes.
Senior Master Martin has put together for us, information to give us knowledge to help protect the people in our gyms. This information was passed out to the Instructors.
It is our responsibility to notify our Instructor or other humans of our condition if we have an infectious disease. It is risky and reckless not to be aware of blood born pathogens and to operate with safety procedures.
There were promotions:
Gayna Kuhl ; Awarded IV dan Black Belt
The high test awards were presented to
Keri McDill; III dan Black Belt and Best Ho-Sin-Sul
Jordan McDill; III dan Black Belt, Best of Test, Best Break
Elizabeth Eckert; I dan Black Belt (She left for Ireland the next day)
Dr. Mike Murray: Promoted at Sheridan Taekwon-Do
Mr. Gay; I dan Black belt
Mr. John Martin announced training for Nationals at Martin’s Taekwon-Do, each Saturday at 5 pm


May 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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