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June 6, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Senior Master Martin opened class, then Mr. Kolb led warm-ups, which included some new stretches, like sitting on the floor and stretching one leg, then the other, as if doing a high twist kick. then lowering the leg sideways towards the floor: a little balance work along with the stretch.
Then Senior Master Martin started everyone out working on hand techniques out of L-stance:
* Reverse punch.
* Reverse knife-hand strike.
* Reverse backfist strike.
* 4 techniques - twin block, outward knife hand strike, 2-punch spring style, guarding block.
He noted that when knee spring creates the sine wave both heels stay on the floor, but for spring-style the back heel must come off the floor.
Out of a walking stance:
* Two punches - obverse, reverse. Be careful not to 'overstate' the prep on these punches. The shoulders shouldn't distort to the rear as you bring the hand from belt to armpit and out.
* Middle side block with the outer forearm.
* Reverse circular block. This technique is an exception to 'eyes-hands-foot-breath as one'. The foot leads the technique, setting down before the hands execute.
Note the width of your walking stance. . .most are still too wide. The shoulder width is measured from the joint, not the outside of the shoulders. This stance is very stable front-to-back, and is not intended to be so strong side to side.
* High wedging block. Watch for wasted motion - this technique has relatively small prep. Lead hand on the cross is the same as the lead leg. (USTF policy to keep everyone's technique consistent)
Spot turn, obverse rising block w/forearm. OLD: fullfacing prep; don't do it this way! Update for this tecnique: the prep is half facing, but be careful not to over-rotate. It is slightly half facing. When teaching, make sure your students understand the correct blocking tool. In Taekwon-Do the forearm is the lower 1/3 of the innner or outer forearm.
* Straight fingertip thrust. The off hand comes over primarily as a centering device. While it can be used as a block, that would be the secondary use.

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Senior Master Martin noted that we are ALL working on our technique, even the seniors. The policies and techniques of the USTF are passed along to lower ranks not just by the seniors, but by assistant instructors, and every time you put a student in a position to teach other students, that person is responsible for maintaining the high standards of the USTF for technique, procedure, and etiquette. That is a trust that we place in one another. Take it seriously.

* High flat fingertip thrust, low stance. Spot turn on the back foot - format is the same as the front foot, this is a slight step, pivot, and repeat the block(s), if that's the only hand tech. or if it is a series of hand techniques with both attacks and blocks. If there is a kick, or it is all attacks with no blocks, turn and execute only the appropriate block for the stance: low block for walking stance, middle guarding block for L-stance. This is to save time; the instructor doesn't have to repeat the entire sequence.
* High flat fingertip thrust, low stance, slow motion. Low stance is to come up under the opponent.
* Pressing block with the palm. Many are performing this with the hands open all the way. This is wrong. As with all hand techniques, the hands are closed into fists during the prep, then open as the technique finishes. It the case of pressing block, the hands open just before the finish so that the palm is not still turning at contact. This block finishes with the hands on patch line. Upward palm is flat, downward palm is at at slight angle.

Senior Master Martin checked with his seniors to be sure this was the latest and most accurate information on this technique. He noted that it takes ALL of us to keep Takewon-Do correct and true to the General's concepts.

* High twin vertical punch. Elbows relaxed, almost straight. One target. You can check your hand position by having a training partner; see if your tools contact their cheekbones. The prep is at patch level, not down by the belt.
* L-stance, middle guarding block. This is basic stuff, but we all need maintenance work!

We all teach the basics to our students, and we each have our own style of teaching. Develop your skills and your way of explaining to students what we do and how to do it.

After a water break, Senior Master Martin, along with Mr. Sisco, presented Black Belt Certificates to Mrs. Kuhl and to Mrs. McDill and Mr. McDill. Mrs. Eckert, Dr. Murray and Mr. Gay were not here so they will get theirs at their own schools later.

Patterns: We separtated into ranks to work on patterns by count.
V So-San; IV Moon-Moo and Yon-Gae; III Sam-Il; I and 1st Gup Choong-Moo; 2nd Gup Hwa-Rang.
Some comments:
* Sitting stances, make sure the feet are parallel from the footswords, not the insides of the feet.
* Choong-Moo, the neck grab is a 'soft' technique so the hands are placed into position, not like most other techniques.
* IV Dans, the high side block with the knifehand is delivered on chest line, don't let it get too wide.
* III Dans, W-shaped block, don't let the hands get too far back, it distorts your stance and balance.
* Choong-Moo, the X knifehand block, keep a straight line elbows to fingertips, don't bend the wrists.

Then each rank did their pattern for the rest of the class, and when we were all finished, Senior Master Martin did Tong-Il. Cool!

2nd Gups. . .
1st Gup . . .

Mr. Ostrander and Ms. Gandy did Kwang-Gae
III Dans . . .

IV Dans . . .
IV Dans . . .

V Dan . . .
Senior Master Martin . . .

We lined back up and worked on kicking combinations, two kicks up the floor, turn and two kicks back, then turn to finish where we started.
* Side front snap kicks.
* Turning kicks.
* Crescent kick, hook kick.
* Reverse turning kick,
* Outward vertical,
* Sweeping kick, middle twist kick - Senior Master Martin said that foot position is looking better, keep working on it.
* Sitting ready stance, sweeping the right foot, then the left foot up and to the front, to block an attack to the groin. Senior Master Martin went through the lines, setting his hand in front of each student as a target for the kick.

Mat Chat
Mr. Sisco:
Wyoming Color Belt test will be July 17 in Sheridan.
Wyoming Invitational Tournament Sept. 18 in Casper.
Sereff Fall Championships Oct. 18 in Broomfield, CO.
USTF courses coming up:
July 24 - Referee Course.
August 24 - Knife & Weapons Course.
August 25 - Class A Instructor's Course.

Senior Master Martin:
World Camp is next week; six from Wyoming are going.
July Black Belt Class is cancelled. . . we'd like to see everyone at the testing in Sheridan!

June 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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