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January 3, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Senior Master Martin had sent notice that this class would be mandatory for Wyoming Black Belts. 29 lined up and 31 were in attendance; no wait, there was one more than that, as well as Master Steadman from Colorado as a special guest of Senior Master Martin. Master Steadman bowed us in and class began with Senior Master Martin talking about Grand Master Sereff having worries about the unity of the USTF organization and growth in the future. Even when Grand Master Sereff retires from President he will always be our Grand Master Instructor. Senior Master Martin told us the USTF is strong  and he is thinking of the Legacy Grand Master Sereff will leave. This thinking because of how much of themselves our leaders have put into their schools, the development of the USTF, and the value that it has. And the wish for it to continue for generations. Because many of us have trained at courses with General Choi Hong-Hi we are in the first Generation of Taekwon-Do.

Senior Master Martin

Master Steadman

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It was announced that Senior Master Martin had been appointed as USTF Vice-President. He received a standing ovation.  He told us our roles as students and Instructors will change and we should prepare and be ready to step up and accept new roles so that Taekwon-Do will continue. We don’t want the things we care dearly about to go away. He has seen Taekwon-Do go from hoodlums beating one another about, to its current state of professionalism. And he smiles.
Senior Master Martin said he accepted the vice president position after careful thought and that he would have the opportunity to participate. He wants to see our schools to stay strong, full and changing people’s lives for the better.
Master Steadman commented that he will walk around like a little kid in his Dads shoes as he steps into the shoes of Region 2 Director that Senior Master Martin had walked miles in. In reference to the Schools and States we have in the USTF these new appointees are interested in ideas to keep the Taekwon-Do family we have.
It was announced that Mr. Sisco would be Wyoming State Director. Senior Master Martin acknowledged Mr. Johnson and his past 9 ½ years of service as Wyoming State Director; the class stood and clapped.
Senior Master Martin and Master Steadman will be implementing measures for students and Instructors to have more accountability for training and meeting minimum requirements for testing. Familiarize yourself with the requirements in the black syllabus book. Procedure and policy was a topic and the chain of command was explained; a student would seek advice, direct questions, and address concerns to their instructor. The Instructor to the State Director, the State Director to the Region Director, the Region Director to the Vice President and the Vice President to the President. It is of great importance to stay within the chain of command. This is one of the procedures that keeps the USTF in order.
We should focus on attendance in classes, courses, and tournaments. . We will be required to document our training in all areas.
The importance and value of the USTF Instructor Courses was discussed. Many hands went up when asked who was going to the “C” course in February.

Time for the physical training: Consecutive kicking in various directions, front snap / turning / side piercing / and hook kicks were thrown. Working on balance, holding the hip and leg up, keep it loaded between kicks.
From L stance, quick switch, and front snap kick with the back leg.
From L stance, quick switch splitting the feet sideways to create a bit of an angle and attack with side piercing kick.
Bounce like Tigger, 180 degree mid air back piercing kick on command.
W shape block with the outer forearms, perform in a stamping motion. Become full facing at the mid point of the technique.
The importance of good communication was realized… Again.

Walking stance, high wedging block with the outer forearms, circular block with the inner forearm.
Walking stance, middle thrust with the straight finger tip, high thrust with the flat fingertip. Finger tip techniques are used to attack soft tissue.
High side strike with a back-fist, shifting the front foot inward strike with the reverse knife-hand.
The 6 factors in the theory of power were recited; speed, mass, reaction force, equilibrium, breath control, and concentration. We were instructed that these things should be in every technique. Each movement must have a good base to have power. Blocks are so powerful it may not be necessary to attack and kick. Blocking hard is very effective technique.
It was noted that when jumping the technique is executed with the first foot landing with the second foot to follow immediately.  A shift can be up to 18” while a slide is one stance length.
We staggered our lines and performed different patterns in a group, then one group at a time.

3rd gup, Mr. Heubenthal  from Laramie had a special invitation to attend black belt class was first and went through pattern Toi-Gye:

Two pint size red belts did a fine job on pattern Hwa-Rang:

The four 1st gups had a difficult time staying together.
Senior Master Martin called all 6 red belts (1st and 2nd gups) onto the floor and said, these are our future black belts. There is a responsibility here for us to take care of them and help them.

Continuing with patterns there were two 1st dans to perform Kwang-Gae:

Three 2nd dans to perform Eui-Am:

It took seven 3rd dans to do Sam-Il:

Four 4th dans worked through Yon-Gae:

Two 5th, two 6th, and a 7th  dan formed the final group and the 5 of them performed Ul-Ji:

Senior Master Martin continued with our mental training saying that with the new officials being appointed in the USTF it is setting the tone for this year and for years to come.  He defined a leader as one who has a clear vision and empowers people for the cause, to lead by example. He said every one here is a leader because of the belt we have around our waist.  We were asked if we have fun when we are in class, YES would be the answer to that.  When we have fun it is contagious and spreads like a good disease. It is a good time in class to work out and train. Senior Master Martin says that keeps him young, “The students keep me young.” We are going to bring others into the good part of our organization to train, there is a change that goes on inside that people on the outside can see. As an organization and to have accountability we must have rules or we loose the battle. The rules must be enforced to give value to the policy and procedures.
General Choi Hong-Hi left us a legacy, the Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do. We are generation #1 in the life of Taekwon-Do. Senior Master Martin is concerned about Grand Master Sereff and the building and preservation of his legacy including the publications and materials that we use. Class was dismissed and we assembled for a traditional group picture.

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