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December 5, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Before 11 a.m. many people were on the floor warming up, stretching, going over patterns or just visiting, each one of us happy to be at Black Belt Class!

Quick warm-ups to open the class, and here we go . . .

Consecutive kicking in place: side front snap kick to D, side piercing kick to A, side turning kick to D, step back. Jump change, and repeat.

Again, consecutive kicking in place, rear leg kicks: side piercing to C, to A, to D, set down to C. Make sure your kick to C is a side piercing kick, not a back kick.

Right then Left 4-directional thrust exercise.

Right leg back L-stance: turning hook kick, step back to C. Lift the knee of the kicking leg towards the opposite shoulder as you begin the kick. Do not lean away which lengthens the distance between the ribs and hip. Keep the upper body as upright as possible, tucking the rib and hip together.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.
Demonstrating the load
Hook Kicks
Hook Kicks

Front leg side thrusting kick, back kick, step forward, jump change and repeat. On the load for the side thrust kick the leg should be horizontal to the floor rather than the knee being turned towards the floor. On delivery the foot is in line with the leg.

In rows, like a wave, reverse hook kick. Senior Master Martin stated that we kicking as if we were worried or being careful not to kick those next to us. Adjust your body so you're not thinking about that and work on acceleration! Pick your target after you turn, not before you turn, as it may not still be there. Senior Master Martin executed a spinning back fist strike, and said that many referees will always call this a blind technique. His head turned first and he could see the target before the strike. It's not a blind technique when you look first. Refs need to be schooled to know the difference.

Group Pattern: Hwa-Rang . . . repeat. Better the second time. Senior Master Martin noted that we lost rythm and cadence in two particular places, one was movements 11-12-13. He had his 4 seniors stand to the side of the group to be his 'eyes and ears' to see where we were off, and to offer comments.
Master Dubbeld, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Sisco and Mr. Paulley all offered their observations.
Mr. Johnson agreed that those movements were trouble spots and the only place the entire class was together was movements 21-26. Those movements had sine wave, rythm and a good cadence. Sine wave was lacking as a group throughout the rest of the pattern. Also the interpretation of fast motion or regular speed. Some moves that were to be regular speed went too fast due to lack of sine wave and attention to detail. Each student needs to be aware of what their body is doing.

Outward vertical kick: high, middle, low. Be sure to contact your target at 90 degrees tool to target. Senior Master Martin asked which one was hardest to execute? Low - we don't practice that kick at that level. It's okay to use the low kick on the street in self-defense; low kicks are only illegal when sparring with tournament rules.
Twist kick: high, middle, low. Watch the trajectory of the foot (tool) to the target. Use the heavy bag; it will teach much about foot position and tool usage, direction or trajectory, balance, and power.
Lead leg outward pressing kick: Deliver it in an arcing motion with the supporting foot sideways.
Sweeping kick: Sweep in the direction of the toes. If you want to sweep in the other direction you will want to have shoes on to just cut the ankle off.

Low twist kick
Middle twist kick
Outward pressing kick
Outward pressing kick

If you sweep like this, you'll want shoes on!
You can use either leg - different tools.
Sweep in this direction.
Finish the sweep.

Patterns, one group at a time...
I Kwang-Gae; II Po-Eun; III Gae-Baek; IV Yon-Gae; V So-San; VI Tong-Il.

Pads on and get a partner - then switch partners with each drill.
Light contact free sparring, hands only (I want to kick).
Feet only (I want to punch).
Now clasp hands and take turns executing turning kicks low, and the partner blocks with his free hand. This is done in rapid sequence.
Next is high turning kick with hands clasped.
Then side piercing kick lead leg. Be sure to lift from the hip and touch the opponent's ribs.

Low kick.
Block with the free hand.
High turning kick.
Block with the free hand.
Everyone got in a little practice. . .
Here's a demo of side kick.
Okay, that works!

Mat chat:Test date for January color belt test - 22nd or 29th? Most likely the 22nd. Instructors contact Mr. Sisco with any preference.
Wyoming will be planning on a spring Black Belt Test. Instrutors will be considering ccandidates.
Black Belts, it is very poor etiquette and disrespectful to tell your instructor you are getting ready to test, or to ask to test. It is the student's responsibility to be sure all required classes, courses and trainings are in order.

Feb 5-6, 2011: Class B Instructor's Course in Broomfield
Feb 19: Referee Course. Be at this course for training to referee at Internationals in June. Rules for Internationals will be National Trials Rules. There will be additional weight divisions for women.
March 26: Class C Instructor's Course in Bellevue, Nebraska.
March 26 is also the Maestas Team Challenge Tournament.
May 14-16: Class C Instructor's Course in Broomfield.
June: Internationals.
July: Summer Wyoming Camp and color belt test combined outdoors.

"Everywhere under Heaven is do-jang" - General Choi Hong Hi

Black Belt Classes are held every month by Senior Master Martin. Come to Black Belt Class. It is an opportunity to train together with our Taekwon-Do brothers and sisters from Wyoming. This is the time we share information and general input for decisions that are made.

In November Master Dubbeld of Salt Lake City was promoted to 7th Dan by Senior Master Martin. Utah has become a very good contributor to the USTF. Senior Master Martin stated it was a pleasure to be there.
Black Belt Certificates were presented to
Mr. Gerald Sisco 6-153
Mr. Tony Giese 5-270
Mrs. DeeDee Connell 4-647
Mrs. Amy Willcox 4-648
Senior Master Martin noted that "As a state we are looking great. As a state we are really strong."
Mr. Sisco presented his test partner Mr. Jordan McDill with a .22 caliber pistol as a gift of appreciation.
Mr. Giese presented to Mr. Sisco a photo album of his test for his help while training for his own test to fifth dan.
Master Dubbeld brought gifts from the test in Utah to Senior Master Martin that were too awkward to bring on an airplane. A 'deer' dreamcatcher to symbolize the protection of family as well as speed and quickness. Also a buckknife.

Mr. Sisco, VI Dan
Mr. Giese, V Dan
Mrs. Connell, IV Dan
Mrs. Willcox, IV Dan
Mr. McDill & Mr. Sisco
Mr. Giese & Mr. Sisco
Master Dubbeld
Senior Master Martin

New Certificates

December 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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