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August 1, 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

We lined up and bowed in to Senior Master Martin, VIII, acting President of the USTF while Grand Master Sereff is recovering from heart surgery.
Mr. Johnson led warm-ups, with some new and interesting things to do.
Sr. Master Martin began by having us in L-stance, front leg slow-motion side piercing kick.
Back leg, slow motion, back piercing kick, L-R.
Back leg, slow motion, hook kick, L-R.
Each time we should reach the end of the training floor and turn we would begin a new set of techniques.

There are many ways to turn around. Sr. Master Martin had us pivot on front leg, back leg, turn clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Click on any picture to see a larger image.

Medium speed step side thrusting kick - foot position, be sure the toes are not up.
Then consecutive kicking: step side thrusting to D, to A, to C.
Turn, step side thrusting kick to D, to B, to C.
Turn, inward vertical kick, knee is bent as you lift to begin this kick.
Turn, step, outward vertical kick.
Turn, reverse middle hook kick, medium speed.
Turn, step hook kick - side turning kick consecutive. As you step and turn to set up the kick, step to the side back.
Sliding middle back piercing kick, from L-stance, no step. Inward strike w/reverse knife hand.
Step forward and repeat.

Step to L-stance, side strike w/back fist, reverse spring-style punch. (consecutive)
As Sr. Master Martin demonstrated, become full facing with the punch, back heel off the ground, and keep hands up rather than reaction force to the belt.

Sr. Master Martin had us form lines according to rank. We performed group patterns: Chon-Ji through Won-Hyo continuously. Then we closed ranks, hooked elbows, and - with many ministeps - turned 180 degrees, then turned to face D, so that the Red Belts were in front. Sr. Master Martin said to the Red Belts if you train hard you will eventually move up and into the front row where you can enjoy this cool stuff - speaking of the air conditioner!
Then he had each front row peel out and cut back between the columns to their appropriate rows, then the 'Johnson shuffle' (grapevine step) to reestablish proper rank order within rows - FUN.

Back to rows by rank, and three highest patterns by count. We then selected one of those and performed it without count.

2nd Gups and 1st Gups
III Dans
IV Dans
tight quarters!
IV and V Dans
VI Dan

water break. . .whew!

Senior Master Martin assigned Mr. Paulley to work with the Red Belts on Hwa-Rang.

He assembled the rest of us and asked us to sit comfortably. There are times in class when he will ask students to teach an individual or small group something specific. He will listen so he can critique them and help them learn and become better students and instructors. He then asked us to relax and have fun with this - it is not a test.
First he called 1st Gup Mr. Stack to teach him attention stance, as he took the role of brand new white belt. That didn't seem to be enough so he asked Mr Stack to teach him how to bow. Mr. Stack did so, and said that the senior comes up from the bow first. Then they bowed . . . and neither one came up, for several seconds. Sr. Master Martin said "Consider me as a new white belt", and it was finished.
Sr. Master Martin continued to give more information about stances - length, width, and how they relate to our shoulders and where it is measured from, and how it is called right or left.

Mr. Stack the instructor, teaching his white belt about bowing.

Then one by one, several of the Black Belts stood up to teach our "new white belt" a technique.
Mr. Munoz, 1st Gup: How to make a fist. Good description. Sr. Master Martin said to explain why.
Mrs. Rosenof, III Dan: Walking Stance. Good job.
Mrs. Kuhl, IV Dan: L stance. After setting foot position, length and width, she said "You have too much weight forward." Sr. Master Martin asked "How do you know?" Body position. Communicate how one body part and position relates to another and that we can tell much from the position of the body. Communicate how, so the student can understand.
Mrs. Willcox, III Dan: Rear Foot Stance. It was necessary to pull their pant legs up to see the feet clearly. (notice everything in Taekwon-Do, everything and every word is important).
Miss Schulte, IV Dan: X Stance. Weight distribution and balance. Sr. Master Martin: stepping, weight is on the back foot, 2nd foot comes in front . . .jumping, weight is on the front foot, 2nd foot comes in behind. Pay attention to facing, foot direction and how it relates to facing. Follow directions in the patterns book, and foot diagrams in the encyclopedia.
Mr Giese, IV Dan: Vertical Stance. Explained length, width, foot direction, weight distribution. He added that he uses the syllabus book to be sure he's teaching correctly.

Miss Schulte teaching X-Stance, high side strike with the back fist.

Sr. Master Martin - When teaching directions in patterns there is more than A, B, C, D. Do not be too big to use the book to teach it right, make the directions clear.

When Sr. Master Martin sends a student to help and teach, he is listening to see how they are teaching. Sometimes it is hard to remember everything when put on the spot.
When you have been asked to teach, you have had a great responsibility placed on your shoulders to teach correctly.

Mat Chat:
We have a new Class C Umpire - Mr. Stack received his certificate and card. Well done!
Get ready for Nationals - it will be an International tournament this year -Australia, Ireland, and maybe more.
August 28 - Knife/Weapons Course with Master Hannon at Headquarters.
August 29 - Class A Instructors Course with Grand Master Winegar at Headquarters.
September there is no BB Class; come to the tournament! BB Class October 3.
September 18 - Wyoming Invitational Tournament.
October 17 - Grand Master Sereff's Fall Championships in Broomfield.
Mr. Sisco stressed that we need to support the Wyoming Invitational, as well as Grand Master Sereff's Fall Championships.

August 2010 Wyoming Black Belt Class
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