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October 4 , 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's
We lined up on time, bowed in and began with patterns by count. Each rank doing a testing pattern. Master Martin quizzed us on walking stance, and noted that many had too wide of stance. A one shoulder width walking stance allows for forward and rearward movement.
2nd gup red belts performed Hwa Rang.
1st gup red belts performed Choong-Moo—they were advised to bring their knees up toward the chest when doing the 360 degree jump spin block; move 19 and to practice spot training. Retract the leg quick while executing the side piercing kicks. Master Martin noted they had good power but to give attention to technical part of each technique.

2nd Gups, Hwa-Rang

1st Gups, Choong-Moo
II dan Eui-Am—Master Martin noticed accuracy or not such good accuracy. The pattern should begin and end on the same spot, be aware of where you start.
III dan Sam –Il—Rust was the word. Our lives change and get hectic but it is important to train as much as you can. Focus - believe in what you are doing. Don’t bring other people into focus while you are performing patterns. He also noted that Sam-Il has 33 moves not 34.
It seems we should come to black belt class prepared. Train, do more patterns.

II Dan, Choong-Jang

III Dans, Sam-Il
IV dan Yon-Gae—good power pattern and job. Work on the heights of the 180 degree back kicks. The pattern names are up on the wall.

IV Dans, Yon-Gae

IV Dans, Yon-Gae
V dan So-San—

V Dans, So-San

V Dans, So-San
VI dan Tong-Il—Looking down the first few moves, good pattern.

VI Dan, Tong-Il
Did you ever wonder why senior Instructors couldn’t remember every movement in all the patterns?
Other patterns practiced were Ul-Ji, Moon-Moo, Choi-Youg, and Choong-Jang.
Mr. Johnson reported with a short review of Master Hannon’s Ho-Sin-Sul course 3 weeks earlier.

basic grip

hip throw

major outer reap

red belts

throw, major outer reap
To finish the class Master Martin asked us to back up, then sat us down and talked to us. He told us to take advantage of the good instructors and good schools we have here. "Your patterns, work on them." He said you have to train and keep doing it then you won't be embarrassed in front of your Instructor or feel inadequate because... TRAIN keep doing it. Candidates, be ready for spring black belt test in Wyoming. He asked who went to the Ho-Sin-Sul course and who was going to Grand Master Sereff's Championships. "The same hands raised." he said. You’ve got to participate it's the same people every time representing your school . He thought the Wyo tournament went well and was well run but not enough I, II, III dans competing. Seniors, he said, some have given up. You need to work out with others in class watching. Master Martin said "I believe in competition it keeps your edge up it gets you pumped up. Get down here and work out. Attend seminars. I know you have to choose but you need to choose a couple each year. Master Martin said he was proud of us and wants to see us doing the best we can. He seemed sad that we weren't. Do better for yourself and the students you teach. There is a higher level of proficiency you need to step up to, don't let your juniors down. We then bowed out and were photographed.

October 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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