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November 1, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Master Martin welcomed and thanked everyone for coming. He noted the attendance was once again not real high and asked where all the I Dan’s were. He introduced Mr. Ostrander a IV Dan who transferred from Huron, SD. Being from a different martial art he is now a student with Master Martin.

Mr. Nelson did a quick warm-up before Master Martin led us into a great class and even better workout.

We worked on the update for the hooking kick-the footsword is no longer parallel to the floor. We practiced the difference in application between sparring versus patterns on the following: sweep kick, pressing kick, back snap kick, checking kick. On the crescent kick we practiced with a straight leg, in order to turn your opponents back to you, versus a bent leg used to drop your opponent’s fist downward.

We then moved on to hand applications, sparring versus pattern application. We started with upset punch and upward punch. How intermediate hand position was vital for the best effect because the target is at different angles. We covered downward strike, inward strike with reverse knife hand, back fist, spinning back fist, downward block with the forearm and upward block.

To put all that we had learned into effect we did our patterns a couple of times and then put on our sparring gear and lined up in two lines with one side rotating after each round.

crescent kick

reverse knife hand

Mr. Nelson helped the red belts

Black Belt patterns

and more patterns

Mr Ostrander - welcome!

Mr McDill showing foot position

way to keep your hands up!

the Red Belts taking lessons from...

...the Black Belts

Mr. Geise and Mr. Cunningham

Mrs. Rosenof and Mrs. Eckert


November 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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