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May 3, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's


Master Martin started out by asking for a 4th Dan to lead warm-ups, and Mr. Giese was first to volunteer. Following that, the class began by working on 1-2 punch to D in an L stance, making sure to come full-facing on the 2 punch. Then on to high thrust, guarding block, cross cut, guarding block, all consecutive techniques, forming not executing the guarding blocks. With all techniques out of the same stance, the feet need to stay solid in the stance, using knee spring to generate sine wave, therefore power, in the hand techniques. Note that no sine wave is done for the guarding blocks, since there is no power needed when 'forming' a technique.

Master Martin asked why the front foot is not straight in an L stance, why the 15 degree angle? This is what allows for mobility in any direction.

Kicking: We started with front kicks, then turning kicks. Then we progressed to combination kicks, warming up using those same kicks, and then on to combination reverse hook kicks. Master Martin cautioned us all to avoid leaning over on those, as it takes so much time to recover between kicks if you do that. The transition kick to kick is much better if you can maintain good posture with your upper body while kicking. And keep your hands up! Note that while you're keeping your hands up, your kicks (front kicks) need to stay inside your hands - don't kick outside your hands.

Patterns: We did patterns by group. Upper dans (4th-6th) worked on Eu-Am, the rest of the Black Belts did Gae-Baek, the 1st Gups did Choong-Moo, and the 2nd Gups did Hwa-Rang.
After doing our patterns one time through, Master Martin offered the chance to do them again, asking if perhaps they might be executed a little better, maybe we'd feel better about performing patterns? I shouldn't speak for everyone, but I think we all jumped at the opportunity, and each group did their pattern again.

We worked on Sliding and Shifting... Master Martin noted that there is a SLIGHT weight transfer to the front leg when shifting back, just enough to facilitate the shift. These moves are done so that both feet leave the ground, then stop at the same time, while maintainig a proper stance, and the front foot doesn't continue to drag after the back foot is set. We worked on the slide by executing a turn, then slide, as in Choong Jang, making sure the slide was the length of one L-stance. Stances, shifts and slides in Taekwon-Do are generally measured using shoulder widths or foot lengths and widths.
Shift - 1 1/2 foot lengths
Slide - 1 stance length.

Flying kicks: The class split into 5 groups, each with a pad holder, two pads. Starting with double front kicks, then on to combination front kicks, two targets. Then double side kicks and combination front kick - side turning kick. No time to get bored with one set before going on to the next: twist - side turning, then front kick - hook kick, all combination, two targets. And then the Juche special, the two-direction kick, twist kick - side kick. Then adding front kick to the two-direction kick.

When the class sat down for the post-workout talk, Master Martin introduced our newest Black Belt, Mr. Ramsey, who has joined us from another style and is training at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do. Welcome, Mr. Ramsey!
Master Martin gave clarification of some points of etiquette regarding dress. These are Wyoming standards, within the USTF guidelines.
Proper dress blues to attend Taekwon-Do functions:
* For Color Belts: Dark blue slacks, white shirt, blue tie, no jacket.
* For Black Belts I-III Dans: Blue slacks, white shirt, blue USTF tie, navy blue jacket is optional,
    no embroidery on the jacket.
* For Black Belts IV Dan and up: Blue slacks, white shirt, blue USTF tie, with navy blue jacket.
    Head Instructors and USTF Officers will have USTF patch embroidered on the jacket,
    all others embroidery is optional.
Taekwon-Do uniforms:
* Assistant Instructor Flashes (yellow & white) may be worn by I - III Dans who have
    certified at a USTF Class C Instructors Course and who are assisting their Instructor
    by teaching in class, flashes to be worn at the discretion of the Head Instructor.
* Instructor Flashes (black, yellow & white) shall be worn by IV - VI Dans who have
    certified as a USTF Class B Instructor.

A tentative date for the summer testing in Sheridan is July 25.
No Wyoming Camp this year.
There is a Black Belt Testing coming up in Broomfield on September 12 that will include several testing to VI Dan and to Master Instructor VII Dan. Check the USTF site for details.

The Wyoming Black Belt team that competed at the Maestas Team Challenge in March presented their team sign to Master Martin - "Martin's Wyoming Whirlwinds". That team, as well as the junior team from Wyoming, took first place at the tournament.

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