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March 1, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Master Martin opened class, and began by handing out certificates and badges to the new USTF Referees. Wyoming has two new Class A Referees - Ms. Christina Schulte and Mrs. Christina Rosenof. Congratulations! Also certifying at the recent Referee course in Broomfield were several Class C's. Great job, everyone!

Mr. Nelson led warm-ups, and we were all ready to go...

We started out working on hand techniques down the floor, progressed to kicks in place, and then kicking down the floor.

As we worked on L-stance stepping into combination blocks, many had trouble maintaining proper width on the stance going from block to block. The stances seemed to gradually get wider up til the last low block. Master Martin asked several people to give the characteristics of a particular stance. All those called upon had correct information - length, width, measured from, weight distribution, etc...way to go; everyone knew their stuff!

Working on kicking combinations:
Up the floor, then back, PLUS skip side front kick to D, skip side piercing kick to C working on change of direction as part of the combination. We went on to inward and outward vertical combinations, and reverse hook in combination with other kicks. Also we got to go over some less often used/practiced kicks: stamping kick, back snap kick in combinations.

The whole class did several color belt patterns together. Change of direction - whoa, that threw a few of us for a loop. Master Martin noted that it's good to have our students do their patterns from different starting positions (facing A or B for instance, or even at an angle in the gym) so they will be comfortable performing from any direction.

Then each rank worked on one of their patterns by count. After that, starting with the Red Belts, each group by rank performed their pattern for the class. Every rank from 2nd Gup to VI Dan was represented, with patterns Hwa-Rang, Choong-Moo, Kwang-Gae, Choong-Jang, Choi-Yong, Moon-Moo, So-San, and Tong-Il. Wow! Master Martin gave each a comment or two about what looked good, and something to work on as well.

Master Martin's promotion next month will be accompanied by a Black Belt Class at Martin's Casper Taekwon-Do. Class will be on Saturday, April 4th, and will begin at 10:30. This was Master Martin's wish to train with everyone as part of his Big Day. What a treat for the rest of us!

This will be a very special day and a very special class...don't miss it!

Mr. Sisco and Mr. Nelson


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