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February 1, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

Master Martin welcomed Mr Freire, a new red belt and Ms. Staple, I dan, who has recently moved to Rock Springs, to black belt class. There seem to be several signed up for the referee course and the "C" Instructor course comming up this month. Check the web sites for dates and information. Be sure to talk to and ask your instructor before attending courses and other activities outside of your class.

Black Belt Class was a nothing less than great. There was no one watching class, every one was on the floor training so there was no one to take pictures of everyone working out, Kicking up one side and down the other, Blocking to the front and to the side, Striking to the front and spinning to strike to the rearward position, we were stepping this way and that, pivoting on the back foot and spot turning. Kicking in all directions to work on balance, keeping the hip lifted to save energy and to save our ass should there be more than one opponent. Master Martin also determined that if someone was to run into (Kick) another from the rear that it would be that person's fault and that the person in the front was not to worry about the one behind. You could find them later.

We did group patterns Chion-Ji, Dan Gun, Hwa- Rang and Kwang-Gae, then Kwang-Gae and Hwa-Rang by count. At the last of class we all did our highest pattern by count.

It was decided that the gauntlet would be run by Master Martin who's birthday is Feb 3.
1) Mr. Nelson causing interference for Master Martin.
2) Master Martin on his was through the gauntlet.
3) It seems Mr. Cunningham made it through unscathed by following closely in Master Martin's wake.
Newly established "Dr." Kerri McDill gives meaning, case in point to running the gauntlet as she heads between the lines.

Feb 7: USTF Referee Course - Headquarters
Feb 28: USTF Referee Course - Salt Lake City
Feb 21-22: Class C Instructor's Course - Headquarters



Wyoming Black Belt Class, February 1, 2009

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