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December 6, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

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20 in attendance today. Master Martin taught a wonderful class today for Black Belts and red belts and noted that there was good attendance by the red belts. Miss Murray, a 2nd gup red belt of Sheridan Taekwon-Do attended Black Belt Class today for the first time. I love going to Black Belt Class!
* An appropriate start was walking stance, Middle obverse punch. Starting easy and increasing speed and power as we began to warm up.
* Front rising kicks up one side and front rising, side rising down the other was good for the legs and hips. Master Martin asked us to turn the hip over for the side rising kick to have foot position with the heel higher than the toes.
* Turning kick, guarding block with the outer forearm. Mr. Munoz demonstrated for Master Martin the correct intermediate hand position for the guarding block.
* Inward vertical kick with the reverse foot sword. We were directed to lift from the hip and to pop the hip to execute the kick pulling the attacking tool across the front.
* Outward vertical kick with the foot sword.
* Reverse, 180 degrees, outward vertical kick. Pivot to turn, pop the hip and bring the kick straight across.
* Side front snap kick, side piercing kick, in combination then rising block from a walking stance.
Back kick, then from L stance, outward strike with the knife hand, and inward strike with the reverse knife hand becoming full facing at moment of impact, return to guarding block. Be sure to deliver the back kick on target not off to one side or the other.
* Front checking kick, side checking kick in combination. Be sure to keep the kicking leg bent but not more than necessary. The heel sole is the tool. Side checking kick is delivered in an arc, keep the knee bent, the foot sword is the tool.
* Side pressing kick, side checking kick in combination. Pressing kick both legs are locked and is used to break bones and joints. Side checking kick is to block. If used in a tournament it may draw a foul.
Front pushing kick, side pushing kick in combination. Use the foot sword for side pushing kick.
* Combination kicking, middle twist, middle twist. Master Martin emphasized the need to kick the heavy bag with this kick to understand the delivery of the kick. Using the ball of the foot or the front toes if shoes are worn.

Master Martin asked us. “Why do we work on the particular parts of a technique? The correct answer was…because we need the work on those things. Then he added that he teaches us the things that each particular class needs the work on. That is why we do what we do.

* Turning hook kick, skip hook kick. Keep the hands up in guarding position, this is difficult when executin the skip kick, but do it. Timing is to be observed - that is the kicking foot hits the target at the same time the supporting foot contacts the ground.
* We were instructed to practice many techniques and use advanced techniques when sparring. Not only front kick and punch.
* Reverse twist kids, 180 degrees, stay on the ground. When sparring consider the target to be to the front when you start the kick and still to the front when it is delivered.
* W shape block in sitting stance, delivered in a stamping motion. Lift the foot to knee level and become full facing at the intermediate position then twist the upper body as you stamp, blocking with the outer forearm.
* From walking stance, side block with the double forearm. The intermediate hand positon begins as a box and is delivered in sideways motion and slightly downward, not overhand and forward.
Wedging block with the outer forearms. If left leg is stepping then the left hand crosses in front.
Walking stance and consecutive; vertical punch with the twin fists, upset punch with the twin fists. Master Martin explained the hand position for vertical punch was vertical for two targets and at an angle (about 45 degrees) for one target. This for proper tool to target area. For upset punch the back knuckles should be as high as the inner elbow or under fore arm to utilize the fore fist as the tool.
* Walking stance vertical punch with the twin fists, L stance, upward punch with the fist.
* Walking stance vertical punch with the twin fists, L stance upward punch with the fist, Step back, L stance ,side strike with the back fist.
* As we were lined up we were told to choose any color belt pattern and perform by count. The patterns Won-Hyo, Joong-Gun, Toi Gye, Hwa-Rang, and Choong-Gun were chosen. We then as a group did each of those patterns.
* Each group level at a time then performed one of their testing patterns

W-shape Block
1st Gups - Choong Moo
Mr. Giese

Mr. Sisco
Mr. Ostrander - Won Hyo

III Dans - Yoo Sin & Choi Yong
IV Dans - Moon Moo

V and VI Dans - So San & Tong Il

Before the close of class we were asked to back up and ahn-jo.
Master Martin said he got a lot of calls today from people who were not attending black belt class and that he appreciates the communication. He would rather see us all there and encouraged us to talk to the ones who weren’t and get them to come.
Patterns still have some problems. Get together and train, warm up with patterns. As Black Belts we are obligated to know each of the patterns according to our rank. He is very proud of the students who have taken the time to come to black belt class. He said we have an important obligation to our students now and to develop the new ones coming up.
The Wyoming color belt test is set for January 23rd in Casper at Martin’s Taekwon-Do.
We agreed to invite the blue belts from UW Taekwon-Do in Laramie to join us at Black Belt class. They are without an instructor.
A Black Belt test is to be scheduled in March.
Mr. Johnson is asking for Black Belts to compete in the Masteas Team Challenge.
Check the web site calandars for events and seminars.
Following the update we took a class picture and bowed out where we were.

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December 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class

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