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April 4, 2009 Wyoming Black Belt Class
at Master Martin's

The roads were closed, the blizzard was raging, and 40 Red and Black Belts came to Master Martin's do-jang to train with him on the day his 8th Dan Black Belt was to be presented. In spite of the weather there were guests from out of state on the floor to train. Dignitaries included Master Steadman and Colorado State Director Mr. Boyd.

And Master Martin DID give everyone a workout! Wow...we worked on kicks from the ground, flying kicks, hand techniques, patterns. It was great!. Everyone could feel the tremendous positive energy in the room that day.

After a little warm-up and stretch, we started in on kicks and hand techniques, watching level, line, correct tool, as well as stepping into stances, change of direction with spot turns into new techniques. If kicks are good, flying kicks are better, right? Oh yeah...the room's getting warm now.

Then on to patterns, starting with color belt patterns, and on to higher rank patterns, working on specific techniques after each pattern. It was tight quarters...better watch where you're going (and where you neighbor is going!)

Actually, we only thought it was close quarters...Master Martin had everyone close ranks for clump Chon-Ji in a box. Now THAT was close quarters!

There would be many gifts given later in the day at the promotion ceremony, but it started here with a gift from Mr. Nelson and Mr. Paulley to Master Martin of two new breaking machines, one that holds wooden boards and one that holds rebreakables.

Grand Master Sereff came onto the floor and spoke briefly before the end of class. Among other things, he noted that this is Master Martin's day, and it was Master Martin's wish to train with his students today.

What a great day... congratualtions, Master Martin. We're so fortunate to have you as our Instructor, as Regional Director, to be able to train with you, and to be considered part of your "Wyoming Family".

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