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Kicking combinations from Class B Instructors Course,
2010 and 2014

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"Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them. Every day begin the task anew."
- St. Francis de Sales


Class B Instructor's Courses
November 8-9, 2014
April 17-18, 2010
at Headquarters, taught by Grand Master Winegar

The Class B Instructor's Course features jump kicking, and we thought it would be useful to write down the kicking combinations that Grand Master Winegar had us doing. These are great combinations to use for practice. Have a training partner or two so that you have pad holders, then each of you can take turns kicking. Learning to hold the pads properly is very important. Make sure the pads are at the correct angle, and at an appropriate height and distance for the kicks, keeping in mind who is kicking!

Here is the list of kicks from the 2014 course:
Flying Combination Kicking - 2 kicks in the air:
front kicks, jump left, kick right-left
then jump right, kick left-right. ** Do this for all kicks, working both sides.**
Twist kick - turning kick.
Front kick - turning kick.
Outward verticl kick - front kick.
Twin turning kick, one target - side piercing kick.
Front kick - high kick.

Flying Double Kicks:
Double side piercing: jump left, kick right-right, then jump right, kick left-left.
Double front kicks.
Double turning kicks.

Flying Consecutive Kicks:
Hook kick - turning kick, jump left, kick right-right, then opposite.
Outward vertical kick - front kick.
Side piercing kick - turning kick.

Flying Triples and Combinations:
Front kicks: jump left, kick R-L-R, then opposite
NOTE - off-set the pads so you can see all of them. You want to avoid "pushing" one kick through two pads.
Twin foot front kick, two targets, plus front kick. Use two-foot take-off.
Twist kick - turning kick - turning kick. Jump right, kick L-R-R, then opposite.
Triple turning kick. Jump left, kick R-R-R, then opposite.
Two - direction kick plus turning kick. Jump left, (twist kick L, side kick R), then turning kick R. Then opposite.

Below is the list of kicks from the 2010 course - we were spending more time kicking in those days!

Combination Kicking: front kicks, jump left, kick right-left.
Twin foot front kick, plus punch: two-foot take-off.
Double mid-air kicks (no run or step): front kicks.
Then mid-air side piercing kicks: start side facing.
Then mid-air side turning kicks: kick the top pad first.

Flying Double Kicks:
Double side piercing: jump left, kick right-right.
Double turning: jump L, kick R-R.
Double side turning: jump L, kick R-R.

Combination Kicking:
Front-turning: jump R, kick L-R (helpful to have two holders)
Twist-turning: jump R, kick L-R

Consecutive Kicking:
Turning-side piercing: do this mid-air; if that's not possible, jump L, kick R-R
Vertical-front: same as above.

Double 180 Back Kick: Retract the first kick; this will also help stop the rotation.

High kick-downward kick: jump L, kick R-R. (no retraction; the downward kick is the retraction.)
High kick-front kick: needs retraction so it's more difficult.
High kick-turning kick: you must turn the hip, unlike the 1st two.
High kick-side kick: you must turn the hip ALL the way over.

Front kick-twist kick: jump R, kick L-R.

Hook kick-turning kick: pads one over the other for mid-air; otherwise flying, jump L, kick R-R.

Twin Kicks:
Twin turning kick, one target, then two targets: like a skier, twisted at the waist, not a twin front kick facing sideways.
Twin turning kick, one target, plus a side kick.

Two-Direction Kicks:
Twist kick-side kick: like in Juche - these kicks must be delivered simultaneously, not 1-2. Pads lined up, then step in from an angle.
Front kick-back kick: two-foot take-off, like for twin kicks, front left, back right; watch the angle of approach.

Twin foot front kick plus front kick: two foot take-off.
Twin foot front kick plus turning kick.
Triple front kicks: jump L, kick R-L-R.
Front-front-turning: same as above, but turn the hips (pad at 90 degrees).
Front-front-twist: turn the hip the other way (pad at 45 deg. other way).
Triple turning: jump L, kick R-R-R (set the pads 1.middle, 2.higher, 3.lower).
Triple side kick: be careful the 1st pad doesn't interfere into the 2nd and 3rd pads.
Twist-turning-turning: jump R, kick L-R-R
Twin turning kick, two targets, plus side kick: two foot take-off; two pads to the left, then one in front.
Vertical-front-front, consecutive: jump L, kick R-R-R.
Hook kick, turning-turning: Right leg kicks.
Two-direction kick plus turning: turning pad next to the twist pad, back leg does the turning kick.
Two-direction kick (front-back) plus front kick (front pad next to front pad).

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